Is sore throat a sign of pregnancy?

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Sore Throat

The increased fluids in pregnancy plus nasal congestion can cause an almost “post nasal drip” like feeling which can be like a sore throat. Also in early pregnancy your immune system can be lowered so it’s easier for us to catch colds.

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Depends on how deep the pain is.

Yes, it absolutely can be an early sign of pregnancy. Ignore all the haters out here lighting snowballs on fire. They don’t understand sublimation, either. Lol.

I hope this isnt a serious question


Dont be so crude love nannan and grandad adams xx

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No those you to your stomache when y you swallow. You’re safe

Maybe if you’re also dehydrated but thats from the dehydration not pregnancy lol.

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Did you skip health class??


Only if you swallowed :thinking:


Can’t get pregnant that way😜

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If you have to ask this you are TOO YOUNG TO BE TRYING FOR KIDS. Do the human population a favor and do not procreate.


No, it’s a sign of covid.