Is store bought baby food okay?

Hi! I give my 7mo store bought purée as it’s very convenient for me but just wanted to be sure if they are safe for them to have ? Or should we stick to home made ones?


I made my own the first go around and enjoyed it. Very easy and wick to make. Easy to use my stored breastmilk as well.

Now I’m doing organics from the store and I still like it.

Store bought baby food is fine. That’s what my 2 had as babies and they’re fine. Lol

I kipped purees it was cute with the first kid. Number 4 self weaned off her bottle to solids. I would just make everything appropriately of course

It’s safe, if you’re speaking of recalls and such it happens to a lot of foods.


In a pinch it’s fine but I wouldn’t give it to them for every meal but that’s just me. It’s been around for years and I don’t believe it has harmed any babies, maybe look up recalls. Fed is best at the end of the day

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Cerabelly and serenity kids was the only store bought food I’d feed my baby. They are both family owned businesses :blush:

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They are cooked at such high temps some of the nutrients are cooked out. This is to avoid bacteria etc… if your able, I would suggest making the baby food yourself. I did.

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Of course it’s all ok, just buy age appropriate ones and move up the textures based on how they handle food so they don’t choke


Wouldn’t be able to buy it if it wasn’t

I’m confused as to why there’s a laugh emoji on here and I wanted to stop and say whoever did it is an ass. That’s all. And yes they’re safe!

Seven months. You can offer ripe banana and avacado. Oatmeal.

Babies jaws are strong.

No it’s poison, that’s why no babies fed it live past 9 months old…:rofl:

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Must be your first child. By the 4th one you would let them eat crayons


Safe, yes; now how some of them taste… That’s another story :rofl:

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My first born ate all the baby food and was fine. It’s food just pureed bland food. My second born gagged with baby food. He didn’t like the texture of pureed food. So I did baby led weaning with him. He ate what we ate. My boys are 10 and 6 (almost 7) now. Both only want McDonald’s and junk food and walk around calling me “Bruh” now lol. At the end of the day both are fine. Both are food. And do what’s best for your family. Baby food is fine. It’s no different than buying premade food at the store.


Of course it’s safe. Are you asking because someone told you it isn’t? As a new mom I’m sure you’re getting “advise” & opinions from everyone. Don’t listen! They’ll have you confused & make you stop listening to yourself.


Yeah I fluid with my 2 and gave them things to try around those but it helps if u know what they like too. The store bought can help make decisions and what u can make at home that won’t get wasted at home.

Is there any baby that died from eating Gerber?