Is the chinese gender predictor right?

My partner and would love to have a son.
With your child/children, was the Chinese Gender Predictior Chart right?


With my first, it said I was having a boy and I ended up having a girl. With my current pregnancy, it said I am having a girl and it was right.

Nope. If it was, my son would’ve been a daughter, lol.

Nope said girl but im having a boy!

Nope…both times the calendar predicted girls and I got 2 boys

Nope. I done the test with baking soda and pee and it was right both times!

Wrong for both of mine

No I should have 1 girl and 4 boys I got 4 girls and 1 boy

Right for me! Little boy

It was wrong for me. It said girl and I have a little boy

There was this woman she had boy girl boy girl what she and her husband would choose trhe gender. Its all in the food we eat that makes us have girls or boys

No, told me girl, had a boy

Opposite for me on both pregnancies.

First time was right second time it was wrong.

Yup for both of my boys

Wrong on all 3 of mine

Mine was right for my son. I’m currently 14 weeks & the chart says girl. I guess we will see!

Not at all. Every test or indicator pointed to us having a boy but we’re expecting a little girl in July :heart::heart:

No, all of the old wives tales and calendars said girl. Buuuuut I’m having my 4th boy.

1st was correct I had a boy, 2nd I had a boy and the chart predicted girl :woman_shrugging:

You get what you get and you don’t throw a fit. That’s what are used to tell my kindergartners. What happened to the days when we were just so incredibly happy to bring a new life into the world?


It predicted girl for me. I’m having a boy.

Always add a year… when you’re born in China they consider you 1 already. Both mine were right.

Wrong both times for me.

Right with my 1st son wrong with my 2nd son lol

Both of my pregnancies were right!

Was wrong for me twice.

All 3 of ours was right boy boy girl

For all 3 kids yes! Make sure you go off your lunar age which is what the Chinese do

Right for all of mines.
Boy. Girl. Boy. :heart::ok_hand:

Right for my first but not my.second i think thats just a coincidence that it was right for my first

Correct with first and wrong with second.

Was right for me both times

Wrong first time, right second and third:)

Has any 9ne done the ring test. It seems to always be right. And its just fun

Wrong for me on both counts.

Sometimes that want, is you deep down knowing what you’ll have. With my first I knew somehow she was a girl and even though I would of still been equally as happy had she been a boy, I wanted her. Same with my second, I somehow deep down knew he was a boy and that’s what I longed for. Just go into it knowing you’ll love them regardless.

Right on all 4 for me

Right. Right and wrong.

It said I’d have girls I have two sons

Nothing is going to guarantee a specific gender it all depends on what sperm gets to the egg first


The ring test was right. It predicted 2 boys and a girl. I’m pregnant with my second child now (boy)


No, doggy style and keep hips elevated, boy sperm are short distance sprinters, girl sperm are long distance runners.

Nope not for any of them

Right, wrong, wrong. The last one I knew it was going to be wrong because it was my first girl and it felt like a completely different pregnancy.

I have 9 birth kids. Only 2 were correct.

Said I would have a girl both times guess what I got two boys

Well its 50 50…lmao. you really cannot base a sex on ideas!

My prediction was right both times, son then daughter.