Is the Dodge Journey a good car?

Looking for vehicle recommendations. My husband and I are looking into getting a dodge journey and would like to hear if anyone has one and if they like it or if they have another vehicle that are in love with. The dodge will be 26,000 7 seating. We’d like to stay around that price or less and 3rd row seating is a bonus but not necessary


I love my Chevy traverse. Third row seats 8.

I’m getting a Durango. Everyone I know personally that has a journey says they wish they had done a Durango instead.

I love my Kia Sportage. No third row. But it’s an amazing car. Works great for us.

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No. I had a dodge journey automatic that would stall in the middle of the road plus the windshields are notorious for leaking (drivers side was always soaked… I’d be careful

I looked at the journey but the inside is really cramped feeling. Plus a friend advised against them due to lack if power and don’t hold value. I went with the Ford explorer and love it.

Had a Journey for years, loved it, but it did have some problems. Went with a Kia Sorento, has 3rd row of seats and a better price and warranty…Kia does have the best warranty!

We just bought a 2017 dodge journey gt and love it! We will have 2 in car seats in july so we will see how that will work with the split bench but I have heard the bench still folds and slides forward with a car seat base anchored, so that would be amazing. The size of the vehicle is comfortable for me to drive, the back is roomy enough for the kids, the price was good for us, gas mileage is great. Overall super happy with it.

I looked at a 2019 dodge journey. Its nice but the 3rd row is super cramped. I couldnt even put my feet all the way on the ground. And my needs touched the 2nd row seats. I ended up going with a 2019 jeep Cherokee.

I have a 2013 Dodge Journey. I absolutely love it. It has just enough room for our soon to be family of 6.

I love my Toyota Sienna! I’ve had 2!

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They’re known for having transmission issues

I just sold my Dodge Journey. Had it less than a year. The only positive thing about it was the gas mileage. I have 3 kids, none are in car seats anymore, but was still cramped w not much cargo space. There was a reflection off the dash to the windshield and was very distracting in driving. I traded it in for a Yukon.

We hated our journey. The 3rd row has very minimal leg room, I’m 5’1 and no way could I sit comfortably back there. Also we couldn’t fit much in the very back without the 3rd row down.

My best friend had one. It was crammed with her three kids and she had tons of issues out of it. I have an explorer and have pretty good space and no issues.

I have a 2014 Dodge Journey and have been very pleased with it. There is only two of us so we do not use the 3rd row for seating only for cargo. Very roomy for us!

Not even if it was free

This was my journey last tuesday. 2016, 23,000 miles, absolutely nothing wrong with it prior to this day. It overheated and within 2-3 minutes was fully engolfed in flames.


I bought a 2019 kia Sorento. I have 3 in car seats and it has a third row. All 3 seats for in the second row no problem. None of my kids like to sit in the very back. Great on gas and does not get very many stains on the seats. It is a family car.


Hyundai is fabulous, and will beat the Dodge hands down

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Idk about tve journey, but becareful with tge dodge company. They are fast to rip you off over a recall and find certain technicalities to avoid paying as much as they can.
And chances are with a dodge- their will be broken things and wore out things easily. They’re very cheap. Of course with any vehicle normal wear n tear is to be expected… What im talking about is much much more

I love my journey, I’ve had it for four years with no issues! The extra storage in the floor and undercarriage of the trunk is great, especially when trying to hide things from little eyes.

Love my honda pilot! 8 seats and my 5 kids range from 9-17. They love it better than my town and country.

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Cramped with carseats and the third row has very little leg room.wouldnt recommend. I have a gmc acadia noe and love much extra room and a decent trunk size

I have a Chevy Tahoe and love mine I stand by chevys 1000000

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I have a Mitsubishi Outlander l 7 passenger all wheel dr luv it

I had to get rid of mines too crowded with one car seat it has lots seating but it’s very crowded space

Check out the Toyota Highlander

Kia Sorento all the way. I’m looking to get a 2nd one when the one I have now is paid off. I absolutely love it. I’ve had it for 4 years with no issues and my cousin went out and got one after me and she is looking at getting a 2nd one also.

Nissan Rouge we love ours!

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I have a 2010 dodge grand caravan. Never any major issues, just normal wear and tear. Bought it 5 years ago at 88,000 miles for $13k. It’s at 144,280 miles now and still going strong.

Seats 7 comfortably, can stow and go the middle row, 3rd row can fold into trunk floor.

I love my Dodge journey crew. No complaints.

I think they end up having a lot of problems Sheridan

My only dislike about my Dodge Journey is I find the Ac isn’t as powerful as I’d like!

My sister had a lot of issues with her Dodge Journey.

It’s a smaller suv. I wouldn’t do that. You have so many other options around that price!
I had a journey and it’s very narrow

I have a chevy Tahoe and love it, it’s a lot more pricey though. I would recommend a Toyota highlander honestly. A lot more easy on the wallet and very reliable cars

No no no. Seriously take my advice and stay away from the Dodge Journey. I had mine for 5 years and had nothing but problems

I’ve seen far too many accidents and then my husband’s own with them. I personally would never own one. I love dodge but I feel as though the journey was poorly made.

My Mother In Law traded in a Durango for a Journey and said it was the biggest mistake of her life financially. I personally think it is too small. I tried to sit in the backseat with my kids one in a booster, one in a convertible car seat and couldn’t fit or use the seatbelt. I had a Traverse and it was roomy, good on gas, excellent for road trips and I never had any issues with it, I did trade it in for a Terrain Denali because I never used the 3rd row- I only have two kids.

Ford Flex! Same size and the third row has a top and lower tether so car seats can be installed there as well :slightly_smiling_face: I LOVE mine, just make sure you get the non inflatable seat belts since a lot of car seats can’t be used with them.

Dodge Journey’s are crap! So many issues with them. We are also looking into getting an suv. Try Kia or Mazda

Just got a Dodge Journey a few months ago. It’s my husband, four kids and myself. We absolutely love it! Plenty of space, nice comfy seats for road trips, pretty decent gas mileage.

Ive never ownes one but my friend has one and uts been in the shop a few times

I would recommend a Jeep Grand Cherokee!!

I have an equinox. I love it. Great on gas too.

We passed on it for lack of foot room and size overall. Had. Durango before which i loved. We ended up with a GMC terrain because of size.

The traverse is better buy. Journey has a bad maintenance rating.