Is the Medela breat pump good?

I’m a FTM and I was wondering what are others experience with the Medela breast pump? I’m not really sure which kind it is but its the one that insurance pay for


It’s powerful enough and does the job well.

It works good I had one I got from the WIC office.

Never had problems with Medela, no complaints!

Medela is the best,
I used with both my boys

It works fine, I’ve got one and a spectra 2. Spectra the vacuum is smoother but both get the job done.

Insurance doesn’t only pay for the Medela. I work for Anthem. Per health care reform, insurance will cover any standard electric breast pump. Like the Medela Pump N Style. Ameda Finesse. Spectra S2. Those are the ones I can think of off top.

Call your insurance. Most offer free pump. I loved it