Is the second birth easier than the first?

Is second labor easier than first? Wanting to try with out epidural


My second child was smaller in size than my first and i had no choice. Zero drugs

My labor with my son was a hella of a lot worse then with my twins. But then again I had my twins at 21+5 and my son at 38+1

I found it was. Had all the drugs & a 27hr labour with my 1st. No drugs & a 4.5hr labour with my 2nd

I didn’t have one with first and did with second… The contractions will be more intense without one but you’ll be fine without one… Either way, you’ll have that beautiful baby that makes it all worth it.

Baby number one was a breeze I practically felt like I had only heartburn minimal pain.
I thought the same thing having baby number two until baby number two came along and it was 23 hours of back labour

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dont do that to your body with all the trouble I have had those hard painful pushes do a number on all your organs bladder especially you will still enjoy the birth just with much less pain … you won’t regret having the meds except your body won’t be in horrid unimaginable pain

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Me as well I’ve heard from a lot of ppl their second one came faster Its not a actual fact though

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Depends. Mine 1st was easier. But every one and every baby is different. You can have an epidural on stand by and not use it if you are doing well without

I had an emergency c-section with my second

No drugs as I wanted to wait nearer time too late came easier than first an taken 35 mins x

I started labor on my own with my sec and got to a 5 before she started have distress which lead to a c section

So labor with her felt like Braxton Hicks
First c section brutal
Second c section way better

It’s easier cause u know what to expect and how bad it will hurt after

Not in my opinion. My first made me feel like a goddess I went into delivery 2 with a false sense of confidence and ended up begging a nurse for an epi as soon as they admitted me

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It wasn’t different for me

Wouldn’t know… Never went into labor with all 3 births. Had 3 C-sections which can be just as bad if not worse…

My second labor was faster than my first. About 5 hours compared to 11.5 hours with #1. However the contractions were way more intense and painful for me the second time around. I was begging for the epidural but barely able to get into position because they were back to back and extremely intense. It kicked in just in time to push thank goodness

My 1st labor was like traumatizingly terrible! Then my 2nd labor happened like super duper fast and I ended up having her natural in the back of the ambulance. I am telling you girl, I ain’t having no more but I would never, EVER, do it any other way but natural! Your body is 100% made to do this, on its own! You make natural endorphins that kick in when the pain does start to get too hard to handle so you don’t need drugs for that. Plus my recoup time was like WEEKS with my 1st and my 2nd literally fell out, I had to hold her head between my legs to get on The gurnee, lol and I was up walking around at the hospital right after I had her! Stg the best way!

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I didnt have epidurals with any of mine byt my 1st and 3rd were easier…as far as to quick to notice how much pain…my 2nd my water broke about 10 am and he wasnt born until 11:44 that night but i had issues getting my contractions to regulate…they gave me meds to help in iv…but about 11 that night was told i was only dilated 2 n a half cm…and the meds were being put to the max they could be…and was told to lay on my side( took ALL day for tht nurse to suggest this) i went frm 2 n half to him being there in 40 min…wasnt really time for epidural with him even though id been there all day.

It actually went by fast. First baby I had took longer to come out but I also had an epidural. 2nd baby. No epidural she was here fast as lightning. It hurt but immediately after she came out I felt no pain.

I wanted to try without an epidural as well. But I was induced and when they turned it up to (my number may be wrong) 14 I started to actually feel the contractions and it was too much to handle because of the hot flashes I was getting. Like an hour or two later my baby was born and i regretted getting the epidural

My second was a breeze. I probably could have done it without an epidural but I chickened out because delivering my first was terrible.

Labor is faster but that doesn’t make it less painful. My 4th child, no meds, she came too quick and I thought I was dying… literally an out of body experience for me.

My first baby was super easy I was only in labor for 4 hours. With my second I had to be induced on my due date because I wouldn’t dilate and I wasn’t Contracting at all. I did only labor for 5 hours and it was fairly easy but my second baby was a lot more stubborn than the first

mine 2nd one was way worse

Hell no. My second labor was longer and way more painful.

My second labour was completely different to first was away quicker. Got to d hospital was 7cm was down the labour ward 20mins and she was born and just had gas and air xx

Do it without the epidural! I did it my second time and I felt much better afterwards my recovery was much shorter

Maybe the 3rd kid is faster,

Mine was easier and a lot quicker.

I did it natural for my first and don’t regret it at all. However I did try to have the epidural but it didn’t take lol so it was natural. I was able to get up right after and hold my baby without being drowsy.

I have 2 girls , oldest is 11 and younger is this month . Both girls without a epidural. You really don’t need it .

Both my labours were pretty good. I didn’t get an epidural with either of my boys. I only used the gas, I was eating in between pushes lol I found the second was easier lol

My second baby took longer to get here. First labor was 6 hours, second was 14. Had to get an epidural with both. All in all recovery was a breeze with both. I was ready to go as soon as they popped out. And I wasnt drowsy from the epidural either

From my experience no both natural births but first 41 weeks 9am-4:45 pm paracetamol only…2nd lost waters at 25wks made to 32+2 dry birth is painful started around 8am had him with gas and air at 12:25pm

Well I was induced with my first and had back contractions (felt like my back was on fire),14 hours after being induced my daughter was born.
Second was natural, with front contractions, at about 6pm my contractions were strong and my son was born 3 and a half hours later. Only pain relief I had was gas both times

Not sure about easier but it was quicker!

My second labor was definitely easier but I went into labor naturally instead of being induced like my 1st. Had an epidural for both and they both worked great. My second labor was almost an hour longer than my 1st but still just under 12 hours.

I didn’t have an Epidural with any of my pregnancies or any medications. With my second it hurt more but I think that’s because i was only dilated to a 7 when i pushed her out.

Each one is different. My second was easy, my third the most difficult.

I enjoyed second labor without the epidural. I think the epidural is more painful than childbirth :joy:

16 hours with my first
30 mins with my second lol

I want to try it without epidural. However I had a 4th degree tear with my first and I’m scared I’ll tear like that again. My second is due in August.

I think boy labour is worse than girls

did both natural and my second sucked compared to my first

Depends on how well you managed pain. My first was induced and I got epidural at the last minute and wish I wouldnt have. My next 2 were I barely made it to the hospital pain was very manageable. Now I’m my 4th and hoping to go all natural but im being induced again so idk.

I did natural first one , second epidural i laughed so much

The second is usually earlier and faster, but that doesn’t necessarily mean easier. And that’s not the case for everyone. If you want to go drug free, research pain management alternatives. I found using an exercise ball, TENS machine, heat, cool cloth, massage and pressure helped me a lot for my second. I would definitely chose a natural birth for future babies.

My first was over 24 hours just labor. My second was less then an hour from start to finish. Accidentally had him at home with no epidural.

My second labor was wayyyy worse…but in different ways. But it was shorter…my third took the cake as being absolutely terrible though

Second labor was faster. More painful. And more complications for me. But everyone is different

My 2nd was my daughter n i did try to get the epidural with her but it was to late. She was coming out now so i had her natural with no pain meds either. Much difft for me. Alot longer n more tired with my first son cause i did get epidural but with my daughter more painful but alot faster

yes. . 1st baby epidural and anything I could have. 2nd baby natural :heart:

My first was a breeze 2.5 hrs. My second was 12 hrs n my 3rd was well over 17 hrs. Its all depends on the body person and baby. Everyone is different

I had c section babies, but I’ve always heard each is different. It could go either way

I had c section babies, but I’ve always heard each is different. It could go either way

My second was definitely easier. It was a traumatic nightmare with my first. Just awful, every bit of it. I wasn’t going to get the epidural with my second but after bouncing on the birthing ball I felt like my vagina was splitting so I decided to get it. Didn’t go well only numbed half a side and it hurt so bad, felt like a wire brush going down my spine. Things slowed down for like 5 minutes and then I jumped from a 6 to 10 and I could feel the contractions down there on the one side, the nurse checked me and ran out of the room telling me not to push lol. Doctor finally got in the room and 3 pushes she was out. I wish I hadn’t of got the epidural but it was definitely easier.

I think every one is different. The 5th time was easy breezy, 3rd and 1st were the worst.

Mine was worse but went quicker. With my first i pushed for over an hour and the second i pushed for 45 minutes.

Every delivery is different. I had 4 deliveries, all different.

I had an epidural with my first and natural/unmedicated with my 2nd. I spent all day in labor for both but it was hours of pushing versus a couple pushes with my 2nd. It was a better experience without an epidural or any medications. Yes the pain was worse but it was manageable plus recovery was quicker. It’s just amazing what our bodies are capable of!

I did both of mine without anything and it wasn’t that bad the worse thing was the contractions . But the second labor was easier for me because my 1st my son was feet first and was suppose to be an emgercy c section . But before they had a chance to prep me for it my son stuck his foot put so they cut me down there (forget the medical term for it ) to maje sure he had enough room and they had me deliver him vaginal feet first without pain medication and it burnt because of them cutting me . Now with my daughter she was head first and and didn’t have any issues with her and and didn’t have any pain medication like I said for me it was the contractions that got to me and the pushing was a reilf as weird as it sounds. But I’m pregnant with my 3rd and I plan on doing it without anything again after what happen with my Noah it wasnt so bad for me . But everyone has a different pain tolerance so if you want to give it a shot without anything go for it . But just keep in mind every labor is different just like every pregnancy is different so you never know what’s going to happen good luck.

Every pregnancy, labor and delivery is different. I have 4 girls and 4 very different experiences .
1st- 36+ hours(I lost track) of labor natural no meds water broke on its own 5 mins pushing
2nd- 9 hrs labor, induced using pitocin,got epidural, dr broke my water, 20 mins of pushing
3rd- 3 hrs labor, natural no pain meds 15 mins pushing
4th-induced, 80+ hours of labor , cervadil & pitocin , iv pain meds, epidural, gas, birthing ball I tried everything with this girl ended in an emergency c-section and getting a spinal then being put completely under

4 very different experiences you just never know. The birthing ball helped with the pain the most oddly enough as well as warm compress on my back

My second labor was quicker and easier than my first. First labor was 5 hours and extremely rough. Second labor was less than an hour, I was uncomfortable but didn’t hurt nearly as bad as my first. I got an epidural both times. It only worked on my right side the first time and didn’t take at all during the second time.

For me no. I’m on #5 now lol

For me no. I’m on #5 now lol

I had both mine with no
The second one was faster but the contractions felt worse.

I had both kids without epidural, they both went fast and two pushes. Didn’t have a lot of pain until 10 minutes before pushing. Good luck mama!

Mine got worse with each. #4 was an emergency csection though.

Each is it’s own experience.

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I went natural with my second and it was so much better than the first. After 3 days of labour with my first, I had to get an epidural just to stop myself from losing it lol.

For me it wasn’t. I was dilating fast but my baby turned his head and got stuck. Anything can happen and then you’d be stuck in a large amount of pain. I’d just be cautious and get it anyway

I went without for both and didn’t notice much of a difference. First one I was induced so it was hard and fast, second was a bit more drawn out so it wore on me more and I had bad back labor. It definitely hurts but it’s a manageable pain.

Not really in my opinion. It was, easier in the sense I knew what to expect pain wise and what my body was going to do. The labor pain for me was still pretty intense and after labor cramps seem to get a little worse with each baby.

My first 2 were natural. All labors, pregnancies, births, and children are different. I have 4 oldest 2 all natural, 3rd emergency csection anesthesia only, and last was scheduled csection so had spinal tap. My 1st was back labor so 2nd was shorter.

For me my second hurt worse than my first

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There is no reason to suffer needlessly honey. Make giving birth the best experience you can. If a baby comes out of you, it’s natural childbirth. Any childbirth is natural.

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I think it’s honestly different for everyone and for each labour. My second was only 3 hours and I had no pain relief because I was determined to walk about and then next thing she was on her way down! Just do what is best for you at the time and be flexible.

Nope Infact it gets worse with each baby

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Second birth for me was faster but hurt WORSE than the first. :see_no_evil:

My second was worse than my first. I’m on #3 and want to try without as well.

The true definition of natural childbirth is…“NO MAKE-UP”.:rofl:

My second was worse than my first but my third was the easiest. But it’s different for each pregnancy. I had epidurals for all three…it didn’t work for my last two

good luck, you can try !! why not, if you change your mind before it’s too late that’s ok too!! you can do it either way :purple_heart:

My second one was way easier… I was in labor with my first one for at least 12 hours… took 2 and a half hours to push, (water broke on its own), second one, the doctor broke my water and she was out in about 12 minutes, no epidural both times, just them pain drugs :joy: I was having contractions for only about 2 hours with my second

I had back labor with my second. With both my children I just had the pain meds in my I.v. didn’t work though but both really hurt but I guess with my second it was easier just knowing it would all be over soon. Plus with my second I didn’t know I was already dilated to a 10 before asking for the pain meds. Which the nurse didn’t tell me because they were waiting on the doc to get there. If I would of known I Prolly wouldn’t of got any pain

For my mother, the second and third birthing was harder. For my sister the first and second was easy and third was hard. It differs so much it cannot be more stressed that you need to not base off of others experience.
When it comes close to the time, if the child is not breached, talk to your doctor. See what they say. I heard water births are a breeze, but obviously again, may not be for all. Just talk about options with your doctor.

They all hurt like hell .

My second went smoother then my first. As in no complications besides epidural not working which it didn’ the first time.either. But my second I laboured longer then
Y first.

Every labour is different
Mine were 3hrs no pain relief, 4hours twins no time for pain relief.
7 hours begged for pain relief didn’t get it.
So many different factors.
Just go with it on the day if you can cope do if you can’t take the meds.

Every labor is different. My second child was much worse to deliver. I had back labor with her; my first delivery was stomach labor… a breeze.