Is there a difference in post partum depression and adjusting to mom life?

How do you tell the difference between post partum depression and just adjusting to mom life? My daughter is 8 months old and today I’ve cried 5 times so far. I’ve gotten to where I really dont like to be alone anymore.I’ve stayed home with her for 8 months now and I am so lonely. I feel so dull and lifeless. I love my daughter with everything in me but is this what motherhood is ? I made an appointment next week to talk to a therapist but I’m wondering if this is normal? I get so frustrated at the smallest things and get so angry so quickly and I have to step away for a moment. I love my baby so much but I feel like I’m not enjoying being a mom like I should. I know motherhood is hard. But I feel like I’m drowning…


It’s so normal. I’ve been home for 5 years and I have ups and downs. Talking to someone, getting out when you can and reading helps me!

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This was me. And the only fix for me was to get a job. I was lonely and felt like I had no purpose other than being a mom. Once I got a job, I realized how much happier I was. I am a better mom if I’m working. There’s no shame in getting overwhelmed etc. you may just be like me and need to work or something.


It’s sooo normal! Reach out for help… Talk to anyone. I had it bad with my first one I was a mess never felt good enough the stress and exhaustion overwhelmed me. But it gets easier.

You need to get out & DO things with your baby! Find Mommy & Me play groups, go visit older relatives, visit Chuck E Cheese, find an indoor park or play place.
Being a mom is about being on the next big adventure WITH your child.


It sounds like mom needs a break! Can dad watch baby girl for a while so you can get out? You know how good a massage or a mani, pediatric might feel. Or maybe a girls night out? Being a mom 24/7 without a break can be stressful!


Are you getting enough sleep? I barely slept at all the first year with my son… lack of sleep can really alter all your moods

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Seems like normal mom stuff but seeking help is really the best. Just try to enjoy baby, make time for yourself every day, find a small craft or hobby you can do while baby is sleeping. And remember they grow up and move out one day and you can’t get this back.

I’m with you , i love my baby so much but it is hard I’ve cried and cried no one sees but when you get a wee smile from your son I’m over the moon again :two_hearts: it’s hard but I’m sure this will pass eventually, I feel lonely too :cry: but all I think of at the end of the day I have my wee miracle baby and that’s what get me the
Through each day hugs :hugs: too you xxx


Making the appointment was great! Awesome job reaching out for help. Also, I’m sure you feel isolated since you said you dont get out much. My son is a month old and my husband just went back to work this week. After a day or two with just being at home with my son I need to get out. I need to be around other people even if it’s just a Target run or something.

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Some mom’s are better mom’s if they are working. Did you work before you had your child?


We all feel thus way…I cried 2 times yesterday and my boys are 4 and 6.

It definitely sounds like ppd to me

I would definitely talk to your doctor & therapist it sounds like PPD and if it is you want to treat it for your own sanity. There’s a whole spectrum for PPD and if you’re feeling that down i would assume you have it. That being said… the good news is it’s very treatable and DOES get better!! It’s very important to take alone time for yourself and do what you love/ what fuels your fire. And also spend time doing fun things with your baby instead of being stuck at home. I know it’s easier said than done but trust me you’ll feel 1000x better if you do those 2 things along with talking to a therapist. Besides that you’re doing great and keep your head up!!

I feel the same way! and when my mother has my son I feel a tad better. I don’t think we’re supposed raise children on our own😪

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What you are experiencing is very normal. I had cabin fever and was going nuts. What might help you is getting out of your house. Go and find a parent’s play ground where people go with their kids and have some adult conversation and have your baby meet new people and make new friends. Play groups helped me heaps. But also I use to go and visit a cafe and take my baby with me and have some breakfast or lunch but get out of the house. I use to walk to the local park and take baby with me to get out of the house. Another great place is the local library or take baby swimming at the pool and jump in with baby. Get on the local bus and get out of the house. I was not a stay home mother I got bored and frustrated. I wish I had the patience like other awesome mums out there who do.

In my opinion being a mum to a young child is the most amazing but lonely time in your life. When my first 2 were young it was boring like groundhogs day. I loved my babies but it doesn’t stop the almost jealousy of your other half going to work and having adult conversation etc
Try make an effort to get out even if it’s just sitting outside in the sun. Pop bub in the pram and go for a walk. Even if it’s a lap of the shop.
Be kind to yourself x the adjustment is hard

I think what you need are mom friends. Get out of the house with your little and make mommy play dates. It’s really hard when they are not mobile but there are groups like momsclub (I’m a part of my local momsclub group in ga) that focus on support and breaking the everyday routine. It’s hard at first but put yourself out that and it will certainly help with both adjusting to mom life as well as possible ppd, I had undiagnosed ppd as I was unwilling to admit it and finding mom friends with kids the same age really helped me to break that cycle. Best of luck, you are not alone.

Totally normal. You need time away from your baby to do adult, non-mom things. Whether it’s going back to work part time or even just taking a class or going to the gym regularly by yourself for a little bit.

You may not be able to tell the difference yourself immediately, but depression is normal. But it will lift. However, if it just continues and seems to get worse, and you are feeling distant from your baby or children , or spouse, or everyone seems to notice a change in you…talk to your doctor right away and dont feel stupid! It happens to more women than you think, and undiagnosed can actually be dangerous for your own self and your children.

Go for a girls night out dear best advice I can give you

Hey so i felt this way until both of my kids were about 2 1/2. Its fucking hard! You will survive it though. My kids are now 4 and 7, but i truly remember feeling exactly this way. I know its terrible to say…but i didnt think it would ever end. I swear tho…now that theyre older…and just getting more independent by the day…we even have more in common. It just gets better and better from about age 2 1/2. Hang on. I know its hard and its long…but you will see. I reccomend a gym membership even if u don’t work out, or don’t care too. Its amazing for your mind. That’s where
I started. I eventually stopped because of work, but I got super fit and felt great. I plan on returning.

Have you gone on a date with your hubby, just you and him and let someone keep the baby!

That’s definitely PPD.

Been there. I got a part time job, started seeing a therapist weekly, and got on antidepressants/anti anxiety meds. I’m doing much better now.

No this is not normal. Something is not right do u have help.

Are you able to work part time? I found going back to work and just getting out of the house helped me feel a lot better and a bit more normal…

It’s different for everyone, but it’s always harder than we think it will be. You made a smart decision seeing a therapist, because having someone to vent your feelings to, is huge. Good for you.

It’s Normal, post partum depression is real, I’m glad your seeing some-one to help you, You need time for you, a Movie, or a Lunch with friends, a dinner, once a month, Motherhood is hard I agree, but you need to take a second for you every- now and then, Good Luck Hun…

Ok, I’m out of this group. Too many people asking stupid questions they should be asking their doctor or some other professional.

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Talk to your doctor. Tell them a of that. I went through post partum depression with my second kido… they wont judge you. They will help.

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I’d see a doctor and not stop until I had a medicine(s) that worked.

I can relate hunny…I owned a salin and spa when I had my baby…I love him, if course but I missed being at my shop…I would call 5here and gear talking and laughing and music…I felt out of the loop…but, when my child turned 3 I sold my shop. I love him more than anything…and, I spend every minute I can with him. I gave waaay less money but waaay more time…I’m so happy with my choice. Hes my favorite person in this world…

I do not understand the point of this page at all.

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