Is there a difference in these diaper sizes?

Does anyone know if there is a big difference in size for huggies pull ups size 2t-3t vs 3t-4t? I’m not sure what to get my girl she is in clothes 3t sometimes 4t but she is on size 7 diapers right now but next week I have go get her a bigger size.

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I just bought pull-ups for my little one just to try out to see if she is ready. She is 24lbs and I got her the 2t size. They have the weight on there and that’s what I went by.

Definitely go by weight on the packaging. But if it helps I buy 4t-5t pullups for my 41lb 4 year old (night time use) that wears 5t clothes.

I would check the weight recommended on the package. 3t-4t should be fine but there is a 4t-5t size

I always go by the weight

Check the weight regulations