Is there a stomach bug going around?

Is there a stomach bug going around. I live in Dallas. My son is having tummy pain and vomiting…since yesterday… he had the same thing 2 months ago and now again the same thing…he never had tummy cramps or anything before all this. I m giving him culturelle n Gatorade but he feels tummy being weird n then pukes. I don’t know why is he getting tummy issues so much with vomiting… my son is 7 years old.


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Is there a stomach bug going around?

I read the new Covid strain affects kids in that way. My granddaughter had it, it was Covid


There is pretty much always a stomach bug going around. Covid also presents this way in kids.

So there virus going around called the rhino virus and my son currently in hospital for it

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He had stomach pains high fever and went in and was admitted

Take him to see his pediatrician


There is always something going around. When this happened to my kids, we ride it out. Lots of cuddles and just laying around resting. Just keep a eye on him. Lots of fluids. Hope he feels better. We don’t really mess with drs, so this is not a rush to the Dr situation in my opinion.

Please get him checked out yo be safe , in june my grandson was sent home with a stomache ache from school about noon by 4 he was in er blood workmand scan done he had a issue with his intensise scooped inside he had to have emergency surgury

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Try tiny sips of 7up

There’s always tummy bugs going around, it’s from touching unsanitary surfaces, because people don’t wash their hands or don’t wash them correctly after pooping.

We just went through this with my 2 year old. All of her test, including a bowel culture, came back negative. It took 10 days for the vomiting and diarrhea to stop.

He could even have ibs, I was like that for years

Stop gving him Gatorade. It has a lot of sugar in it. Take him to the dr. May be gal bladder having fits or something.

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So take him to the doctor…


Go to doctor and find out what’s going on

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Go to the Dr. Something isn’t right!!

Maybe appendix going bonkers. My GS appendix ruptured at 4, emergency surgery.

Why you post on Facebook instead of going to the doctor, he could dehydrate…

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That’s pretty frequent. I think I’d take him to the doctor

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Get him so probiotics

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I would see your dr.

Sips of liquid. I wouldn’t push fluids until he quits vomiting If he doesn’t feel better in 24 hours I would definitely go to see a Doctor. Kids go down quickly if they get dehydrated.

Gastro ? If loose Bowles

Constipation ?
Ask a dr.