Is there a way to prevent PPD?

Is there any way to prevent postpartum depression/anxiety? I think that’s my biggest fear for myself.


I didn’t have it with my first two but did with my third .

There no sure way to prevent it, but I was also terrified of it… I saw a therapist during my pregnancy, and continued to go after so I could try to get ahead of it if I did get it

Keep a clean house, eat right, get exercise everyday and get outside. Find a network or support group if you don’t have family and friends who can help. Take time for yourself and your partner. And talk therapy and meds are wonderful if you need extra help.

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Be thankful it’s recognized now. In 1993 it wasn’t as talked about. I didn’t understand what was wrong with me. I hope you have a good friend, your mom or a sister to help you thru.

Have support to help out and sleep when baby sleeps and don’t skip meals

What d IOU es the doctor say?

Nope. Just have a good support system. Make sure the dad actually helps! That is one of the literal reasons women go through it, all the stress of a new baby us put on them.

I went through postpartum for 2 years after my daughter but it wasn’t the traditional postpartum it was over protection over cautious paranoid about everything watching them sleep because you’re afraid they’re going to stop breathing like just doing too much can also be a sign of postpartum so it’s definitely a must in my opinion to have a counselor

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I started getting out of the house early on and walking and just sitting outside on the porch. I was really worried about getting PPD because I already have some issues with depression and anxiety. I feel like it really helped me, make sure you take care of yourself as best you can, take showers, put lotion on, just the simplest things helped me. Ask for help when you need it.

Hey, ask your OB/GYN what they do for it, get recommendations for therapists who specialize in this (or start seeing one now if you’re paralyzed by anxiety), get your “village” together, and stop worrying. You’ll be prepared if it hits you, but chances are it won’t. Congratulations and enjoy your newborn when baby arrives. :heartpulse:

No. It is typically a passed down thing and not everyone gets it. So maybe you’ll get lucky!

It can be genetic. Just have to get through it. Just keep reminding yourself it’s the hormones and it’ll pass. For some people it can last awhile and everyone has different ways to cope. Keep up with doctors appointments and maybe see an endocrinologist if it doesn’t ease up.

No. But having a good support system counselor and enough rest helps. But it’s really just based on hormones

Zoloft or some other form of seratonin … because PPD is unpredictable and the way your hormones start changing so quickly it’s so hard to control your emotions.
Vitamin D because low vitamin D causes depression. Doctor prescription is best bc it’s a higher dose but best to get blood work done to see. Most people with depression are suffering low vitamin D and don’t know.

No. I never thought I’d get it since I already have anxiety and depression and thought it’d be my normal shit or I’d be so happy I’d never be bothered, but it hit me like a ton of bricks. Its been 2 years since my second born and its still bad

No, it’s your hormones and chemical makeup that determines that but please be honest with your doctors so they can help you after. I’m a firm believer you can’t get through ppd without a good support system and doctors.

My doula suggested taking some brain healthy supplements, like fish oils, to help with depression. Having a good support system is also good. Maybe look into signs of ppd and understand it so you can notice it early on… talk to your doctor.
If you have a good partner, they can also be taught what to look for and how to react to it.