Is there any way I can refuse the flu vaccine or my toddler?

Not sure what state you are in but if you go online there should be a vaccine form to fill out that’ll excuse you. You do not have to have any vaccine to attend a school

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There may be exemption forms or you’ll have to find another daycare.

Schools have personal conviction exemptions. My son is 100% not vaccinated and attends public school. Without an issue.


He also attends a public daycare without being vaccinated


My son has never had the flu shot he will he 18 in a few months. I have only had 1 and I’m 44. It’s an optional shot.


Flu shot is optional.


This is a private business. They can choose to require it. You can choose a different provider.


It is NOT required! NO vaccines are required! Stop letting the gov’t scare you!


I think not getting all 9 million flu shots is totally reasonable! I however believe 100% in vaccinating your womb goblins :upside_down_face:


Only a few states require children at daycares to receive flu vaccinations. If your state requires it, then find a baby sitter instead. :woman_shrugging:


The flu shot is not a vaccine. Definition of vaccine is…substance used to stimulate the production of antibodies and provide immunity against one or several diseases, prepared from the causative agent of a disease, its products, or a synthetic substitute, treated to act as an antigen without inducing the disease…

The flu vaccine doesn’t give you immunity against the flu. You can still get the flu. Flu shot is a booster hense why you have to get it every year. It’s optional.

I’d find a different daycare of a day home for your kids.


A lot of terrible people in these comments. If I get flagged I get flagged y’all shouldn’t be aloud to be aggressive and negative about some ones choice.

That vaccine has caused the most injuries of them all. But that’s rare,

The main thing is the vaccine doesn’t prevent the flu and doesn’t cover all variants of the flu.

You are their parent and you aren’t endangering any one else but not getting the flu shot. That’s a LIE. People watch the news and believe it to much.

You’ve got the other vaccines so I don’t know what their problem is.

My advice to you is, find a different day care or tell them most dr don’t medically require them cause they don’t!


If it’s a private daycare they can require whatever you want and you just need to find another one


Daycare are private establishments so they can refuse you for any reason. Even if you get these exemptions that don’t sound ligit at all, but they can still turn you away. Find another daycare if you are that worried


I believe our state stopped religious exemptions so I guess any exemptions would depend on your state. And even if you have it they still may not have to let your child attend. With Covid im sure they want to be extra careful with all illnesses. And the flu is no joke, that can knock you down for a good while. So I would either try and find a different daycare or hire a babysitter.

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Flu shot is optional. It’s not required. They asked me to get my 6 month old the flu shot and I simply declined as I don’t find it mandatory or even remotely necessary. You can claim religious exempt or even allergy to an ingredient in the flu shot.

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Just go somewhere else it’s not required.

Go to your state website and look up exemptions


Find anther daycare.

JUST SAY NO, i always refuse for myself and my children…


No flu shots for my kids. They’ve both attended very good preschools / daycares.

Depending on your state you can do a religious exemption, ect. You have to see what your state allows.

It was my understanding that the shot for toddlers isn’t approved yet.


Children age 12 and over not a two year old child you on the other hand I’m sure soon will be required to have it

Decline and go elsewhere

It depends on the state u live in…

If they require it & you dont get the shot for your child then they can deny your child…

  1. It’s not even flu season right now and 2. the flu vaccine isn’t available to receive for the upcoming flu season until the end of September/October …

My 8 month old son just had his flue shot and booster due to him being born a premie and having cpap as well as bronchiolitis me and my 3 year old daughter have never had it though (just my personal preference), if you don’t want it say “no” and if that doesn’t work then find another daycare because that is a little over the top :thinking:

Yeah you can get a doctors note

Find a new daycare. Give elderberry gummies through flu season instead. I dont give my kids flu shots since first time did my kid had the flu four days later.

My son is 14 yrs old had the flu shot once and was sick for 2 weeks ever since then my son does NOT receive the flu shot at all and hasnt been that sick since. Im not sure where you’re located but where i am as far as i know its not mandatory for a child to have a flu shot inorder to attend daycare or school. Its the parents choice for vaccines. I would suggest maybe asking around your area or maybe even question your pediatrician office they would know. Best of luck!

Wow! Unfortunitly being a private business they can do that. I would go to a different daycare. I’m just blown away that the world has come to this.

Speak to a healthcare provider or your local Health Department. Social media is not the place for this. However, a childcare business does have the right to refuse service due to vaccinations.

Depending on your state you may be able to print and/or have a doctor fill out a vaccine exemption form, I have to do this every school year for my kids, I don’t know if a daycare would accept it though.

You can get an exemption for reason of conscience. Not sure of the website but I have it for my three. They can still deny you because it’s there rules but it’ll be good to have if any others say you need it to. Don’t be forced to get it. It should be your choice

U can refuse anything u want no one can make u! They have the right to refuse u! Id find another place

Look into your state laws you may be able to get an exemption of some sort.

I never heard of it being mandatory. But then again, in my state they are making a lot of crap mandatory. They just told me I have to give paperwork proving my kids have seen a dentist and they want updated paperwork every 6 months.

I’d find somewhere else. Neither of my kids have had a flu shot. The only time I got one I got extremely sick.


Wow, and you all say anti vaxxers are bad, some of the commentary on here is both ridiculous and just plain nasty. There’s a reason the flu shot is not on the mandatory schedule in Australia. It doesn’t work for everyone and in some cases has an adverse effect. This child care centre has cheek demanding this of you. They can recommend it all the want but it’s your choice at the end of the day. There’s no law to back them up.


You can get a letter stating it’s against your philosophical rights. My doctor told me many years ago to never get the flu shot so I never have and I’ve never had the flu. I believe everyone has their own opinions which is completely fine. Do what makes you comfortable.

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I love that your fighting for you to chose what you think is right for your child ! Your a mama bear and there should be more of them . Children are a gift and it doesn’t matter what other people think . You just keep protecting your child . :two_hearts::heart::two_hearts::heart:


My child was in preschool and only needed her normal vaccinations. Not the flu vaccination

Look for another child care that doesn’t require it but that’s their policy and they r able to make those requirements just cause u don’t like it doesn’t mean u can do whatever

I see it this way if you don’t want to get your child a vaccine for it then you need to get someone to watch your child for you or find another daycare. However most daycare will require it because they are just trying to keep everyone safe.


Get the dang flu shot so the kid can go to school

What? I work for along time in day care ,and I had my own daycare and the children did not have to get the flu shot.

Usually for younger kids its just a nasal spray, but if your against it. Looks like you can either find a new daycare, or comply.


Do not take him there wait for him to go to full time school
They are putting poison into our children
It’s your decision not theirs


I’ve never heard of a flu shot being mandatory anywhere .

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Hey! A few years ago was a really bad flu season. 188 kids died of the flu that year. I got my entire family vaccinated, including my, then 14 months old, son. He was then diagnosed with the flu. Many people don’t understand that if a vaccine doesn’t prevent you from getting ill, it helps your body fight off the illness better with less severe symptoms and shortened sick time. He was past the worst of it in three days and was fine a week later. I truly feel that if my son hadn’t gotten vaccinated, he would have at least been hospitalized. Seriously consider the benefits greatly outweigh the risks.

They can’t force you to have it. No vaccine is mandatory? You have a choice :grinning::grinning:

Find another day care if you don’t want to obey the rules. I don’t know why you would be against protecting your child in any way possible.

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Actually you can for your state there should be a form you can get online called a parents declination on religious grounds to required immunizations you fill it out and they have to accept by law. May be called something different in your state but should be easy to Google.

If this is a private school they certainly do have the right to require vaccines. You’ll have to go someplace else.

You can denie any vaccine you want. You will just have to find another daycare.

I am amazed at how many people go on the attack.

Tell them your hiring a lawyer and do it.
Phone calls are free.
Call your elected officials, if they are Democrats, you’re efffff’d.

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Go through your local health dept. I did mine off line and had it sent to me. Anyways it’s an exemption for vaccines. All vaccines are listed you check off which ones apply to you have it notorized!

Why can’t mfs ever just answer the fucking question? Nobody asked you to give her advice on her parenting, the same way you don’t want unwarranted opinions or advice on yours. If you don’t have the answer carry your fucking ASS!!! Social media doctors & therapists I swear.
To the mama that asked the question🤦🏾‍♀️ I’m sorry for their stupidity ma, but what you could do is talk to your child doctor & they should have an exemption form, they are usually given to those with religious reasons why they won’t take certain medical treatment but it’s still very much worth it to try.
It’s HER kid, if he (lord forbid) dies because he got too sick his body couldn’t handle it then he would still die from being too sick from the shot for his body to handle it, if your children are vaccinated then don’t worry about other children not vaccinating because you give them the shots to prevent it correct, to build the immunity & antibodies needed to fight it if it’s ever reintroduced right? Let the parents deal with their kids lives as they deem fit the same way your brainwashed asses are lining up for every shot out there by choice.

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You can print a copy of the notice of liability available at action4canada. Present to the principal and teacher, they don’t want a personal law suit on their hands.

Give him the damn shot for christs sake

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People who don’t want to vaccinate should all get together and form their own little community and stay inside it so that they don’t infect others. Imagine if smallpox was still around and antivaxers had their way


This must be a new requirement

Over the insanity of anti vaxers

Do you know of anyone who has Polio? The answer is No, because the vaccines were mandatory, thus wiping the disease out completely! That is what it is going to take, so get with it!

Religious exemption form

I just have one thing to say God gave us an immune system to fight these diseases we don’t need no damn man-made crap and no chip or mark of the beast or whatever you want to call it I won’t take the vaccine that kills people

Why wouldn’t you want to vaccinate your child? I just don’t understand parents who’d rather have a seriously ill/dead child than vaccinate their children. Smallpox proves vaccines work. If you’re worried your kid will have autism, I ask the same question - why is having a child with autism worse than having a severely ill/dead child?

They cannot force a flu shot.

Where the mean comments at …

Find a diff daycare.

Just vaccinate your crotch goblin. Unless your MEDICAL DOCTOR says your child has a medical reason to not be vaccinated, vaccinate them. Do the rest of the world a favor and just vaccinate. Don’t want to vaccinate? Move to a private island where your family can quarantine in your own diseases and viruses.


Wrong page for anti vax trash hun :clown_face:


Do what you feel best for you . but don’t be selfish .you have another little life you are responsible for … Did you question any other vaccines for your little one ? And your rights to not want it . your body your choice .

The irony when her kid gets the flu and almost or does kill the child. Hope not the case. Vaccines won’t kill you

I work in the pediatric intensive care unit. The answer to your question is get the damn kid vaccinated. Influenza deaths are preventable. You will be so sad if your child dies from the flu, which is more common than people let on.