Is there anything I can do about braxton hicks?

Second child and I’ve never felt Braxton hicks with my first. To let you know, I don’t do well with pain so I’m really uncomfortable.


Yep. Don’t get pregnant. :sweat_smile:


They shouldn’t be “painful” just uncomfortable for a minute. It’s a tight squeezing and sometimes takes your breath away if you’re further along. I am 30 weeks now and have been having them since 20 weeks. I notice them more when I have to pee or haven’t drank enough and even caffeine makes me have them more often. This is #3 for me and have had them with each kid.

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Not really, I had them all three times. They weren’t that bad compared to actual labor pains but I have a high pain tolerance so what’s not that bad for me might be intolerable for someone else. Walking helped me, you can try that maybe?

Try do drink a ton of water, try a warm bath

I’ve had uncomfortable and even painful ones off and on for weeks now. Mine are accompanied by round ligament pain and back ache. I feel you on this one. God has created us with strength and a great ability to bear pain. We got this mama. Try using a heating pad on low, drinking lots of liquids, resting with lots of pillows when your able to, taking a bath, and wearing lose fitting clothing. If they become time-able or your having any other accompanying symptoms of labor make sure you see your provider :slight_smile:

Hydrate. Sometimes all you need to do is drink plenty of water and it stops.

No there’s nothing you can do they will stop on their own

I’ll be giving 5 grands each to assist the first 10 lucky people to hit me up with “GOD DID”God bless y’all.:pray::heart:

Part of being pregnant is just not feeling well and having random pain that you don’t know why it’s there

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