Is there something wrong with me?

My husband and I have been together for 11 years married for 8. When we first got together he was all for pleasuring me orally. When I found out I was pregnant he was still doing oral but it wasn’t as much. He completely stopped a few months before my due date and now refuses to go down on me. I have talked to him about this and all he says is that he doesn’t like doing oral. When I mention to him that he used to do it all the time up until I had our child but he has nothing to say. At this point I feel like there is something wrong with me. I have a lot of body insecurities as it is and this is the topping on the cake. I have distanced myself from him and find myself being very “short” with him. I don’t even want to be intimate with him. Seriously what is wrong with me? Would he still be this way if I didn’t get pregnant? Please help!

I think it’s hard to know for sure unless he tells you but honestly a lot of men struggle when baby starts growing like that. Maybe he’s just feeling overwhelmed by it and doesn’t want to tell you.