Is there such thing as free therapy?

Is there such a thing as free therapy? Yes, this is a serious question lol. Everything online says free but, of course, it ain’t free.


Our employer has something set up with the local “Bridges” we can go at no cost and they never know we go.

Yes- it’s a plant and it’s green. And somehow illegal unlike the antidepressants i have to choke down 2-3 times a day.


Listen to music best therapy ever is free online CBT therapy.

Bubblewrap…jus saying.

Ur city should have a place

1-800-950-NAMI (National Alliance for Mental Illness)
They can help you find resources near you that will fit your budget or work with your insurance.

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Um, not that I know of. The only thing that comes close that I know is seeing a community or church counselor, but most are not actual psychologists and def not psychiatrists. I guess it depends on what you’re looking for

A very good question. I’m watching

In Canada it’s free!


It’s called friends. Sometimes alchohol is included for a small price.


Moving forward is self referral and it’s free… its covered by other resources esp low income

Yeah. Either your friends and family, or free help lines in your country.
If you’re wanting professional individualized care, though, I highly doubt it.

There are women’s resource centers and churches all across America and beyond. Meditation and prayer are also free.

If you work, ask your job if they have EAP (employee assistance program) with that I believe comes 5-6 free sessions. I use to work for a therapist and we would get a lot of people that would go through that service.

My work has a program that has a person come every 2 weeks and it’s free through them… but I talked to my doctor once when I was in school, they sent to mental health and it was free through them but I needed a doctor referral… ( it was for depression/suicide thoughts)… other then that, churches, hotlines, friends, National Alliance for Mental Illness…

I know in az, if you have state insurance they provide free mental health care, therapy included. So if you have ahcccs the number should be on the back of your insurance card. I’m sure other states probably have the same or similar programs.

Check with your county mental health center

The women’s center near me has a program that costs $20 a visit to see someone who has a Master‘s but is doing their “residency.” Not free, but not $200/hr. either. Check w your women’s center.

If you have insurance, many are supposed to cover mental health on par with physical health. Check your plan.

Not sure if Medicaid covers mental health, but worth checking out, or V.A. benefits if you’re eligible.

Might want to contact a university near you to see if you could be seen by a grad student or even their campus mental health pros for a small fee, or be part of research to get free help.

If you qualify, you can get free treatment in drug or therapy trials—check the Internet.

But if you’re in the U.S., our health care system sucks and we have so many untreated people with mental problems because of this.

I encourage you to look into your insurance benefits if you haven’t already. When I was under my moms insurance I got 6 free sessions a year.
Now under new insurance but I’ve met my out of pocket & deductible for the year so my sessions for the rest of 2019 will be free.

Most local health departments offer free counseling. Check into your local health department.

Some insurances cover a handful of sessions with therapists. I know my job, even if you don’t have insurance through them, covers 12 sessions

I use my workouts as my therapy honestly… classes where you get to do lots of punches and my newest love found in #Pound class which helps me unleash my inner rockstar and fustration☺️ I know it may not help everything but it can help a lot…

Free therapy is our advice to the posts. That’s as free as it gets :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Some Colleges offer free counseling services to the public through the Psychology department.