Is there such thing as to many baby showers?

How many baby showers do you think is appropriate to have ? I had one with my first and second and not with my 3rd and I refused this time around again with my 4th. I’m throwing a baby shower for my sister who is 4 weeks ahead of me and my family keeps telling me to just make it for the both of us. But I feel like a burden like I’m begging like people are not responsible to get me the necessities my baby needs, I’m the one that got pregnant I have to buy the things for my child. It’s nice they want to get me stuff but I dont feel good taking it because they have helped always with all my babies. My NM had 5 baby showers and I was like girl you 45 you don’t need a baby shower. But how many do have you guys had?


I definitely wouldn’t just include myself into someone else’s shower. Especially if it’s their first? I had two showers because my first and second were 15 years apart and born in totally different countries, but I’m pregnant now with my 3rd and won’t be having one.


I had one for my daughter and due to my boys being so close I only did one with my first son. You do what makes you comfortable. You could always put together an Amazon list of things needed and if someone wants to they can get an item off the list.

Have as many as you want to! Some cultures have one for every baby cause it’s a way of celebrating the baby and a new life :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Baby showers are not only for the gifts. They are to celebrate you and he life you are bringing into the world! I say have one! But not at the same time as your sisters.

I two one for each of my kids. They are 5 years apart and with each of them it was more like a sprinkle than a shower, I bought both time 95% of big ticket items and really just asked people to be there to celebrate their lives

We had one for my son when he was born, but didn’t for my twins but we threw them a big 1st birthday party/ sprinkle at that time

Just say no gifts in the invite. Still fun to celebrate the baby :blush:

You can have many as you want, but let your sister have her own shower. Your guest list will be different.

2 kids, 1 baby shower for the first

A baby shower is not about getting gifts, is about to celebrate your new baby , every baby should be celebrates.
I do not see the big issue of you having a shower for your new baby, I can understand why your family asked you to just celebrate both together but I will not take away the first experience for your sister

Never had a baby shower didn’t hear of the when I had kids, I just think it looks like you are after free presents :gift:

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Is your sister also saying have it for both of you? If not then I’d just let her have her day. Especially if you don’t really need things. How many showers you have is really up to you. Personally I’ve only ever really seen it with the first baby. But if you want a shower this time I’d do it separately.

You can have a celebration to celebrate the baby but if you don’t want gifts on the invitation ask for peoples presents to be their presence .

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My mother threw me a baby shower for my 1st and my MIL(at the time) threw me a baby shower when I had my 2nd.

I don’t think they are really not that
I never had one with either of mine
And they are in their 30’s
Come to think of it
They didn’t have them with their kids

I never had any baby showers

Had one for each of my girls. I felt like celebrating their existence after 15 years of infertility, to getting ovarian cancer, to having help to complete IVF to have them to not celebrate. Our 2nd girl was more of a sprinkle. We said diapers, wipes, cute clothes and that’s it we already had the rest. Just said it was a party to celebrate he sticking and coming into the world after everything I went through. Every painful procedure and shot to create her was worth a celebration because the odds were absolutely against us and them being here. Have as many baby showers as you want girl. That baby coming is absolutely worth celebrating as much as the first one. If you don’t want stuff you can say that but are happy to celebrate baby on the way but focus on your sister for the baby shower part, especially if it’s their first. I think it’s so special that you guys are expecting so close together. Will be fun watching those cousins grow up together.


First find out what your sister wants to do. Just she want to share her day? We did a “sprinkle” for my third. It was a celebration for the baby no gifts required yet people still brought some. You can still be excited and celebrate your baby regardless of how you want to :slightly_smiling_face:

I had 1 for my 1st and then I didn’t for my 2nd but my mom did a mini at her apartment with things. My 3rd was a girl so I definitely had one but majority of the stuff I still had to buy anyway. I say maybe do like a diaper/wipe type deal? You can buy clothes. When I am invited to baby showers I do a bath theme gift because I feel people don’t think of bath stuff they just automatically go towards the clothes section

I have a friend who had 5 kids with 0 baby showers. And then I have some friends that have multiple kids, like 3+ haven’t had baby showers for the subsequent kids. My friends with only 2 kids have had a baby shower for each kid, and sometimes they have multiple. Like 1 shower for family and 1 for friends.
So it’s just your preference and what you’re comfortable with. If I were to get pregnant again, I don’t think I would have a baby shower, just cuz I saved so much from my previous baby that I can reuse. Also I’m not keen on the extra attention.

I have 3 kids and had one for each. However my first (girl) was 9 by the time her brother came along and i had 0 baby items by then. Then my youngest was another girl, so I needed girl stuff since I didn’t have much gender neutral stuff. I did ask for people to gift us with diapers and/or baby clothes when I had the last one because we already bought the big stuff. I’m done with babies now that my oldest is 12, my son is 3 and youngest daughter is 1.5 year old. My sister in law is having her 2nd baby and her 1st is 10, so she was in the same boat when I had my 2nd. I gave her as much as I could and I threw her a baby shower. I believe that every pregnancy deserves a celebration. However if you don’t want a full blown baby shower you could do a diaper party or a little sprinkle. No party games and only a little fuss. It’s more of a party to celebrate the arrival of the new baby. Some people wait until afterwards and do a see and sip get together. This gives your friends and family a chance to visit after the baby is born and give little gifts and greet baby for the first time.

After the first one it’s called a sprinkle and it should only be done for a baby of different gender. Anything after 2 is just rude. A get together is cool with a suggestion to bring a gift for baby!

I had 2 one for each of my daughters and they are 6 years apart.

Not had one and don’t think will b for this one I’m 14 weeks 3 days x

I think it’s appropriate every child. The whole point is to celebrate the baby, so do we just not give a sh*t after the first one? It’s always boggled my mind how these things are seen as a one and done.

Was given 1 for each of my boys(2) total. If you feel comfortable to have one then fine if not that’s fine also but please Do Not share same time frame as sister.Each should have your own special day but that is jmo.

First: babyQ with both sexes for a BBQ.
Second: nada.
Third: not a baby shower high tea with two family members and two friends.
This bub… Nada :joy: but I did suggest a babyq again… now kinda like nahhh :joy:

I had one with all 3 of my kids 1st one was a girl (now 6) only girls, second one was a Boy (now 5, Irish twins) only girls, and we have a newborn girl (3 wks) co Ed

Had 1 with my first, but not my second.

Everyone I know only had a baby shower with their first baby but not for anymore afterwards.

Had all the necessities still so all I needed was nappies/wipes and bottles. All little things.
Both my babies were boys and I still had a bunch of clothes from my first. Plus my sister (same time as me) and her friend (I think a year younger then my oldest) had boys and gave me all their clothes too.

So didn’t need as much.

Didn’t have one with any of my two

I’ve had zero. Like you said it’s no one else’s responsibility to buy crap for your kids.

I will have a shower with my 4th and I had showers for my other 3. It’s a fun time to celebrate and there were thing I needed differently each time.

I think every baby deserve to be celebrated. So all three of mine had one!


I had one for each of mine but I did it for the celebration for the new arrival and they both were different genders so everyone was pretty hyped and wanted me to have one, but honestly if you do I would do it separate from your sisters because it should be celebrating their new baby and then you can have yours and they can focus on that baby that way if someone wasn’t able to get you both something for each other your babies you wouldn’t feel like your a burden if that makes sense I hope this helps :heart: congratulations

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One and done. I’ve had friends who did a “sprinkle” with the 2nd due to different gender or large gap of time. That was only with immediate family & good friends.

I had a big, traditional one for my first; a “sprinkle” that was lunch with friends and small gifts of diapers, wipes, outfits etc for 2 and honestly not sure about 3, it’s been a blur since lol

I had a shower for my first baby, and my closest friends threw me a sprinkle for my fifth (very tiny, small gifts only). None for babies 2-4.

If u don’t want it, don’t plan one for yourself. You have no control if someone else surprises you with one

I had one with my 2nd. I was supposed to have one with our 1st to but ended up in the ER at 32w and was induced due to severe pre-e. I didn’t know when she would be out of the nicu and with the stress and what not it just wasn’t doable. Plus I had already gone overboard with shopping :joy: I would just do whatever makes YOU happy. If you want a party with friends and family have one! If you don’t, dont. :woman_shrugging:t2:

I had one with my first and one with my 4th as she was a late in life surprise baby:)! However, my younger sisters generation has one for every baby and a gender reveal party as well! I love it!!! Why not celebrate every baby :slightly_smiling_face: people can choose not to come or buy anything if they want so it’s not like your forcing them and to be honest most people just love being invited and getting together with people! Idk maybye that’s just me but I love the idea of celebrating every baby and having great memories!


Get real, please!! Have a celebration, but you need to be responsible for giving your kids what they need & not expect others to…I’m sure they’ll bring a gift anyways

I’m always believed you have a baby shower for for your first kiddo anything after that it’s just a repeat now if there’s like 10 to 15 years between that might be different but when you have a baby every other year baby showers get old that’s just how I feel though

Do wat you want it’s your baby :woman_shrugging:t2:

Had one for my first daughter and didn’t have one for this girl, I already have everything I need for her and don’t want to be greedy :man_shrugging: but that’s just me

I also find people don’t celebrate the second like they do the first.

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No…just for your sister…Let her have her day

I had a big one for my first. And a little one - with just my besties for my second. I’m not opposed to people having one each time- it’s an excuse to get together with my friends. And I’m happy to buy them pressies whilst knowing I don’t have too: but yes I love to celebrate a new baby and my friend.

You could go non traditional and celebrate dad with a BYOD party (bring your own diapers) like diaper shower. :woman_shrugging:t2:

Only one baby shower in my opinion. And don’t steal your sisters day because that would be tacky AF.

I had a baby shower with the first. The second one came only 14 months later, so I didn’t have one for her… it would have felt wrong to me. But my husband and I got married shortly after I found out I was pregnant so we had people bring diapers to the reception to be entered into a drawing for gift cards for a restaurant.

had one with the first didnt have any for the 2nd and 3rd.

Personally I don’t feel you should have a baby shower for the gifts. It’s a celebration of motherhood to me. Each time you are pregnant you’re entitled to celebrated IMO. With that said I only had a shower with my oldest. Anyone I would’ve invited with my other 2 were opinionated & wouldn’t have come to a shower for them.

It’s not necessarily about people buying you things, it’s about people wanting to celebrate with you. It’s okay to have multiple baby showers, and it’s okay to be uncomfortable receiving gifts. You can still throw one and add to the invitation something like “don’t feel obligated to buy gifts since we have a lot for the baby, if you really want to then we’d appreciate xx diapers or xx gift cards” or something like that. Your family and friends just want to be there for you and celebrate you and your family :heart: good luck with whatever you decide to do because it’s ultimately up to you! However don’t do it at the same time as your sisters, create a different event. That way she still gets her own baby shower.

I feel like every child deserves to be celebrated. If you don’t want gifts then make it clear on the invite that it’s a “sprinkle” shower and to bring a dish instead of a gift. I don’t feel like the first baby is any more important than the fourth baby So everyone should get a party.

Girl take all the help that is offered I’ve never had one and I’m on my 5th it takes a village and not everyone is blessed to have that village. I’ve purchased everything for every single one of them and continue to do the same with the one I’m currently expecting

I had one with my first and that was all. I personally wouldn’t do a joint shower as that would likely take some of the special (feeling) away from your sister especially if this is her first. Plus that would make it financially taxing on the guests feeling like they have to purchase for both. If your family feels you need something let them plan a “sprinkle” for you at a later date. Just a potluck style get together and instead of big items ask for diapers and wipes or small items only.

I had 1 shower(4 children)my sister had 1 shower(2girls).I used to think like you.its pride.but as things have evolved and I have My first grandson now I realize we should celebrate each one of them.theyll enjoy seeing the pics when they are bigger.if God blesses me with 10 grandchildren I will throw 10 showers.

First baby. S baby of s different gender and surprise and gap babies are ok for showers. It’s best if family and friends give the showers doing one for yourself is asking for gifts.

Traditionally people used to just do the first baby. Now most people do every baby which is totally fine but idk if you should combined with your sisters show you both deserve your own.

One for every baby. They don’t need be big and you can say no gifts but doing a diaper fund. It’s to celebrate the baby

I had 3 n i am going on 6 kids after 3 its nobodies responsibility but yours to supply ur needs my first 2 were different genders and my 3rd was bc it had been 6 years since the last one after that i did it myself …we chose to keep having babies so thats really not anybody else’s responsibility to supply you w the things u need

I had two but my kids were 13 years apart

I’m old school and was raised that you have a baby shower for your first and only your first. Obviously, circumstances may change a new marriage/partner who doesn’t have their own children etc.,
I don’t believe in these people who have showers for every single child. Absolutely, celebrate those babies but you don’t need a shower.

If your family/friends are mentioning a shower, they should be the ones to throw it for you, not you throwing it yourself.

I had a HUGE shower, with my first pregnancy - twin girls, thrown by my mom and the fathers mom. We ended up with so much stuff, we didn’t know what to do with all of it. I was told during my pregnancy, that there was a high probability that this would be my only pregnancy. I had some underlying issues, I was high risk and the pregnancy over-all was complicated. My girls were both 7 weeks early. As they outgrew stuff, I either sold, passed along or donated it.

Five years later, I was pregnant. This time with my son. He was my “never supposed to happen” baby. I needed everything, again. My mom again threw me a shower, but on a much smaller scale. Again, as he grew, I sold, passed along or donated stuff.

Five years later, I was pregnant… again… and I had nothing left over, because neither my son nor my youngest daughter were supposed to happen. My mom again threw me a small shower. Basically some clothes and diapers. But my grandmother went out and bought EVERYTHING matching - car seat and stroller, bouncer, walker, crib, playpen… everything.

Do not make her shower for the both of you. If you want to have a shower have one. Every baby deserves one in my opinion but don’t make someone else’s shower yours

Baby showers are not affiliated with begging or not being able to do things for yourself. They are to welcome your new addition to the family. Mingle and eat yummy food. If someone brings a gift that’s extra special , but to think your begging or going to be judged seems a bit far fetched. Possibly talk to your spouse and see if they want to come so you can support each other.

I had one for my first child 13 years ago, did not have one for my 4 year old and had one this time for my baby coming next week. First time doing a registry and not a single family member joined or contributed. My baby shower was a hand full of friends and only my clients have contributed to my registry. I can afford the things my baby needs, it just stings that not a single family member thought enough of me and my baby to even send a pair of socks or mittens or a teething ring. Again I am thankful that I work hard to provide for all my kids… it’s just both my parents have passed away and I have literally no one to celebrate my kids. They don’t receive cards on their birthdays or anything beyond a Facebook comment from my very large family (both sides). My sister has stage 4 ovarian cancer and my brother is in heart failure, both unable to work… But they have both made an effort to be there and love on my kids. And not to mention one lives 5 hours away and the other lives 12 hours away. If it weren’t for them I’d probably just disengage from my entire family as a whole.

Tell people you want children’s books for the baby, and they can write the little one a note in it. It’s not super expensive and they still get to celebrate. It doesn’t have to be a big shabang if you don’t want it to be.