Is this a normal early pregnancy symptom?

Maybe tmi… BUT. Has anyone struggled with diarrhea early pregnancy? Posting annon because I haven’t announced yet. Only 7 weeks tomorrow. But my last 2 pregnancies were the same one. For what seemed like forever. I’m gonna get some immodium but just wondering if anyone else had this issue?!


yup. that’s how i knew i was pregnant the second time. cause was my first symptom with the first.

Please discuss taking imodium with your Dr first. A good alternative is mixing a spoon of maizena (corn starch) in some water and drink that.

Pregnancy has an altering effect on our immune and digestive systems.
For some health problems can get better or worse.
If you don’t typically has bowel issues, I’d suggest mentioning it to your OB.
An anticholinergic may help you get through these few weeks until your hormones balance.

Don’t take anything until your dr okays it. Yes diarrhea is normal so is constipation.

I did and dr suggested I change my diet to eliminate fatty greasy foods and to take pepto

I wouldn’t take anything for it until you see your ob. Some OTC meds are not pregnancy safe. One example is Pepto because Pepto can cause miscarriage.

I had it in the beginning for like a week and a half with my last pregnancy. I stopped drinking coffee and switched my diet up