Is this disrespectful or am I being insecure?

All relationship have boundaries some are more open than others u set your boundaries and stick to it. Some relationships are ok with looking at and checking out others are not. Some relationships are open and they see other people. It’s all how you feel if it bothers you set your boundaries and expect it to be respected. Love is not pain do not compromise on how u feel bc what one may find ok u may not. It’s your life and u have to live it if your ok then that’s all that matters. You can’t have a happy us w out a happy u.


He best be showing me the photo too! Cause I wanna see!
Look but don’t touch!
But everyone is different.


It’s kind of both. Everyone has their own personal level of comfort with these situations. When you enter into a relationship, the right thing to do is to explore respectful boundaries with each other through communication so both of you can feel secure together. Just try not to let it reach a level of control, but respect. The fact that he quickly tried to hide what he was looking at shows that to some degree he knew you’d be uncomfortable and tried to fix it in maybe a not so slick way lol. If you’re feeling insecure, you’re completely valid in those feelings. But that doesn’t make him the bad guy as long as he doesn’t cross certain lines (touching other women, writing to them, making lewd comments outloud, verbally comparing you to them, etc). Talk to him about it and explore ways to coexist in a relationship where you both can feel respected. If it happens again after you’ve discussed your feelings and agreements were made, a good way to get your feelings out in a way he’ll understand better is to cut all the crotches out of everything he owns. Everything. Totally just kidding​:joy: Believe me, your hands will hurt and it makes more mess than you’d think it would​:joy::joy::joy:


All men will look at other women, mostly trying to do it secretly. I think it’s natural that he looked and also natural that you’re insecure. As long as he doesnt follow her or message other girls, I wouldn’t stress about it. I’m sure you might’ve also looked at attractive men or women on the street for a second before moving on with your life.


Insecure…everyone looks…it’s natural instinct…as long as he loves you n comes home to you.

Insecure. Not sure why people want to be lied to. He can think you’re the sun and moon but still look at another pretty girl. I wouldn’t want to make him to lie and say otherwise. I love my guy but notice other cute guys too. As long as he’s not making a scene who cares? I don’t care where he works up his appetite as long as he only comes home to eat with me!!


I would feel very disrespected idk how insecurity would fall in place I mean if anything it would make you feel insecure but even my husband said that’s just disrespectful it’s one thing if he just saw the pic and kept going but to stop flipping through and concentrate on another women is just wrong


I think it’s being insecure, but that’s okay. I feel the same way when my wife looks at other women. But I also know I notice other attractive men and women. Looking at someone and finding them attractive doesn’t mean they find you less attractive. But sometimes it does just make me sad.


Meh… look but don’t touch :woman_shrugging:t2: and you best not contact her :joy:


You are entitled to set whatever boundaries you feel are appropriate for your relationship. If YOU feel disrespected that is what counts. Give him an explanation of your boundaries. If he does it again kick him to the curb.

You are not insecure for disliking the first step in cheating.

I said what I said.


Really insecure sorry looking is ok who doesn’t look at others male or female!!! no talking too or anything else that is unacceptable! :joy:

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His eyes, his business. Same for you. :woman_shrugging:


IMO it’s human nature to look. Looking is ok, touching is not. Can you honestly say you’ve never checked another guy out? …

Insecure. And that’s ok. I’d be pissed too

You’re being insecure and that’s ok, it’s what happens next that matters.


Men flip when they see you knowing because they are afraid you’ll feel the way you feel. Know what I do. I say. That girl got an outfit that’s sexy! I’d love to wear it for you. This way the attention shifts right back at you and you’re even hotter than 5 mins ago. That also will make you more secured about you and yourself. Stay beautiful!

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What are his personal beliefs? Is he monogamous? Is he poly? I think it’s natural for people to look at what they find appealing.

Insecure but everyone has reason why they maybe. I personally dont care.

All men look :woman_shrugging:t3:. Just some men are more nonchalant about it. If you ever feel insecure make a joke about it or a comment. Sometimes when I do it my husband rolls his eyes because he knows it’s a trap :rofl:. I say “wow, she is so pretty.” Or “did you see her butt?” Or “man, she’s got some big boobs!” It’s a good way to test the waters. If he starts to make more comments that bother you start looking at sexy pictures of men where he can see it.
Or just tell him how you feel and hopefully he will reassure you are the only woman for him. :woman_shrugging:t3:

If this is disrespectful then I’m a horrible person on tiktok :joy::joy::joy: they just pop up and I don’t close my eyes lmao I would never comment or message and I am faithful to my man 100%

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My man does the same,it’s okay though as long as nothing more happens. Heck! My man talks about going to strip clubs with his brothers and nephews and I tell him I’d rather know where he is at than him laying about it. I also tell him , Well go, but make sure when you come home you drop it likes it’s hot on me, Lol! … just leave it be.


Free to look at people its the next step that make or break a relationship it a matter of if either cheat people are free to look

Men look. It’s natural. What matters is how he treats you. Next time just say yeah she’s hot and move on.


Just feeling insecure. If he’s communicating with them that’s another story.

Nothing wrong with window shopping :joy:


If that make you feel insecure is probably because 2 reasons:
1._ you have self-esteem problems and you need help, or
2._ he give you reasons to feel that low for something so insignificant like this and that’s mean you are with the wrong person… someone who loves you and respect you would never gonna make you feel that way with yourself.

Everyone looks. It’s just insecurity. When you see a handsome stranger walk past you, you could thing and think, well that was pleasant and them move in with your life. That is ok ans it is ok to look at this girl too. It’s when you keeping hoing back that it becomes problematic

Some people here will say “wE CHecK ThEm OuT tOGEthEr !! YoUre tOo inSecUre foR a RelaTionsHip” GOOD FOR YOU FOR BEING YOU, did he pick you??
For those of us who DONT like that shit, yes it’s disrespectful he even has someone like that on his snapchat. He can have female friends, but he shouldnt be friends with females selling sex, or females who dont also want to be your friend IF thats the relationship yall have. Im not saying my way is the only way, (like i said above) but thats the way i like MY relationships. If you felt disrespected, you felt something inside you twist, you felt anything, SAY THAT.


Insecure, I’m old and I learned a long time ago, partners are going to look, but a partner that loves you will not cheat. At some point, you will learn that you have to love yourself before anyone else can love you.

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Its disrespectful to your relationship end of in my opinion.


As long as he doesn’t go further with it. At least he didn’t continue to look when he saw you. It is such a hard thing. I’m insecure with things like that so I know how you feel. I have learned that It is a choice to trust him and I will unless there is actually evidence proving I shouldn’t. You can drive yourself crazy with what if’s.

Just cause he’s on a diet, Don’t mean he can’t still look at the menu…

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Basically internet chat rooms destroyed my marriage. He was in there all the time. So yes it is disrespectful. Hurtful too


One reason I dont have snapchat :woman_shrugging:

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I don’t know what to say, I’m usually the one looking at girls… :joy::joy::joy:

You’re insecure. You’re telling me you don’t EVER look at someone and think their attractive?

When they stop looking they are dead let them look

So long as he’s not looking at her naked or try talking to her.

I personally never look at another human, but I know it’s considered normal for some reason. (I hate it too, sis. It’s gross to me.)

Tell him to give you more compliments and love. The insecurity is just you feeling inferior and not good about yourself. He’s partially to blame. He should make you feel that no matter where his eyes may go, you’re the only one they truly see.

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I’ll just leave this right here…

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It depends on who you talk to. Most people don’t like to admit to anything that may make them look bad or sound bad in a any way. It all just comes out as something like”it’s normal” and somethings are “normal”. This is your feelings, your life and your marriage. Don’t let other people tell you how to feel.

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I know everyman does this regardless of there love for you …it does not mean unfaithful…men just look …

Its natural to be attracted to others. :woman_shrugging: it shouldn’t be weird. Tell me you haven’t looked st smother human and thought they were beautiful…

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My fiancé says his eyes are only for me that I am the only girl in his world. Sending him sexy pics. Makes me feel loved. In my past I have always been dumped for other girls who throw themselves at guys. Having someone who loves me and only me and not look at other girls is amazing. He’s definitely rare one and I am blessed.


Insecure. Your partner will find others attractive and might even slip and catch themselves staring at times. That’s human.

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Is the chick naked? No? Then he’s doing just that, looking. Doesn’t mean he’s going to run off and cheat

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It’s nothing.its human nature to look

Is it the fact he’s looking though or is it the fact he’s on Snapchat? :sparkling_heart:

Yes that is wrong and he knew it was bc it made him feel guilty. You must have realistic boundaries and expectations in a relationship. They don’t wanna listen and respect, go find your own life!!

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There is some natural insecurity to not feel guilty about and I’m not sure how Snapchat works anymore but it seems like that’s not something you just accidentally come across without following that persons page. Right now it’s only looking on Snapchat but usually things like that slowly go forward to new boundaries or more time spent looking. Don’t listen to anyone else’s comfort levels being forced onto you. If you’re not comfortable then you’re not comfortable and you can’t force yourself to be, that’s not healthy and it’ll just come out in an unhealthy way eventually. You need to communicate how you felt and see if it can be avoided again, why it happened and what his comfort level is with it and if it were reversed what both your comfort levels are with that. Not sure if you have children and if they are able to get a hold of your phones and social media but that’s another thing to think about when you voice your concerns.
Due to our beliefs we find that disrespectful and just unnecessary when you decide to be in a committed relationship that you want to protect but that’s not everyone’s belief so you need to find out what you believe and feel is the best option for your relationship and your mental health.


Appreciating beauty or ‘checking someone out’ is in our biology and not always in our own control, leave the man alone to check out attractive women because at the end of the day, he’s choosing to be in a relationship with you

I don’t allow my partner to have Snapchat in a relationship. Been cheated on too many times and if you need to talk to someone it can be on an app that doesn’t instantly delete everything

It’s crazy how many of you only want to be with someone if you can control them. Damn.

insecure. it’s a picture