Is this normal 6 weeks postpartum?

I’m 6 weeks pp and just had my Pap smear and I am bleeding pretty heavily, more than a standard period with heavy flow. I know spotting and some light bleeding is normal but I have been heavily bleeding and leaking some type of yellow fluid after having my pap. I never had anything like this when I had my first baby. Anyone experienced this?


I had all of that after birth around my first period which was also 6 weeks pp. Everything was perfectly fine just shedding the lining and my first 3 periods were really heavy.

Unless there’s a. Odor it could be plasma but I would definitely want to be seen

Call your Dr to ask for a speedy appointment now!


I had retained placenta that they didn’t find for almost 11 weeks and I was bleeding very heavy among some other issues. Not sure if you stopped bleeding and then it restarted after the pap but I would definitely see your dr either way as the bleeding should have gotten lighter not heavier.

I’d call for sure. I bled heavily for about 2 weeks. I had a C-section though.

Never hurts to call and ask. If you don’t mind me asking, why did you get a pap smear 6wks PP? Hope all is well.

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I would suggest calling your ob/gyn asap. I don’t think that’s normal. Could be a sign of something serious or a type of infection. It’s better to play it safe.

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Yes I wasn’t stopping bleeding after 8 weeks…I had a D&C done.

heavy bleeding 6 weeks post partum isnt normal, neither is having a yellow discharge, you most likely have an infection and need to be prescribed antibiotics, contact your ob or doctor in the morning

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The first period postpartum is always heavy. Well most woman experience that. But the yellow fluid I’m not sure

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In the UK were advised to not have a smear test for 12 weeks following birth for this reason! It can’t hurt to call and ask for some advise

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Go to your Dr. NOT on facebook!!

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Why did they give you a pap smear