Is this normal after having a c-section?

Had a c section on Tuesday. I got released on Thursday. I have been using an at home blood pressure cuff with readings of 140s/80s and I get non stop headaches that usually start at night so sleep is almost impossible until I just pass out. My swelling is going down in my legs but I’m still bleeding and having headaches. Any advice!?


You could have a spinal headache. Did they do a spinal or an epidural? I had a spinal with my emergency one and my head was too low during the surgery so the stuff went to my head. Had a spinal headache for over a week. I learned afterward you can get something called a blood patch that will fix the issue where they did the spinal at

I stayed an extra day due to high blood pressure and take lobadolol. Ibuprofen helps with the swelling and yes that can be normal but there is a limit to how normal. Personally I suggest you go to urgent care or something and let th know you gave birth not too long ago (give dates) and see if there’s anything that can be done.

I had these symptoms of non stop headaches, high bp and swelling… I had postpartum HELLP syndrome. You need to go be seen. Good luck mama.

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If you are getting headaches I’d contact your midwife (if U.K.) or equivalent. Better to be safe than sorry

Assuming you had an epidural. If so, the spot where it was may be leaking spinal fluid. A blood patch will fix that immediately.

Definitely call your doctor. Those bp’s, headaches, etc. You need to get checked out. I hope you feel better very soon.

You need to go see your doctor your obgyn!!! ASAP!

That’s a high blood pressure. Go in to get checked out. Postpartum preeclampsia is rare but just as dangerous.

Definitely get checked for preeclampsia and hellp.

I had postpartum preclampsia and was put back in the hospital 2 days after being released

140 is high, could be the reason for headaches.

Could even be preeclampsia. You can still get it after birth

Spinal headache is normal for sometime if U had spinal anaesthesia

Go directly to the hospital!

Please go to your doctor. It could be something serious. Posting on here will get you all sorts of opinions. I had 3 c sections and got an infection on my 3rd. I didn’t even know I had it and could have died had my doctor not caught it. Just go see a professional it could save your life.

You’ll bleed for a while just like a vaginal birth. Headache could be from the spinal. I’d contact your doctor to ask about the blood pressure as I never tested mine at home.
I had the spinal headache for 5 days after my last one. I’ve had four.

What did your OB say when you called him??

Ffs we aren’t doctors stop asking medical advice on fb

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I’d definitely get checked! I had a hemorrhage after my last baby and they loaded me with so many fluids, I couldn’t tell that I was swollen because of preeclampsia. Definitely go with your gut!

I had post preclampsia and ended up back in the hospital with symptoms like these. I would be seen just to be safe.

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i would go immediately to the ER.

RN here. It might just be post anaesthesia effects, but go in and get checked. Other things could be serious.

This could be serious, even deadly! Go to GYNO or ER now! My friend died from complications after childbirth.