Is this normal behavior for a 5-year-old?

my 5 year old has an obsession with sniffing people and animals


Yes lol we do it to eachother all the time haha n animals I get it cuz I do it to my dogs during winter. Their smell changes after being outside lol its prolly weird but :woman_shrugging:

My son liked licking everything… I wish he had just sniffed things


Yes. My son did it at that age too

Sure. Kids are hella weird lol

My 5 year old does, so did my sister and her son at that age. Now my 1 year old does it lol Id say normal for some haha

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My five year old sniffs every thing he is about to eat

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Let little kids be little kids.

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It’s normal for your child lol

My 4 year old son sniffs animals heads and laughs. We have 6 cats.

My son is almost 14 and he still sniffs me. He has done it since he was little. There’s worse things that he could be doing. Just leave it be if he’s not pestering someone or making them uncomfortable.

What’s normal?

My 5 year old at that time had an obsession with death. At one point asked if we could dig up our cat in the backyard to take to school for show and tell.

She’s ‘normal’ now :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::woman_shrugging::woman_shrugging::woman_shrugging:


Be glad it’s not licking.

My daughter used to sniff everything, food, plush, blankets and people and still does some of this today at 20 years old. She was recently diagnosed as neurodivergent, high functioning autism with sensory issues. Not saying that it what this could be related in any way. Just my own story.


My kids have always “sniffed” me. I honestly never thought anything of it until my Dad said, “Why the hell do they all smell you?” I laughed so hard!!! They said, because she smells good. She smells like Mom. :heart: now I low key kinda love it. I think it’s sweet
**They’re 23, 21 and almost 13 now. And my grandbabies also do it :joy: :joy:

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Where exactly are they sniffing???

Yes my nephew loved touching and rubbing wet dog noses lol he grew out of it

It’s most likely just curiosity. I wouldn’t make a big deal about it. Most likely it will fade away as new experiences happen especially with school starting. I wouldn’t make your child feel weird, bad or abnormal about it but just keep watch and if it becomes more of a behavior/social awkwardness maybe bring it up to the pediatrician for any clues or ways to redirect you child from this behavior.

Its a superpower, just go with it


Is there a normal 5 year old?

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Kira Dawn Alexander-Kalinauskas kinda sounds like ur nephew but he’s 8 still doing it. :laughing:

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They go through all kind of stages, as long as he doesn’t go up to strangers for a sniff I wouldn’t worry lol

Kids are just weird in general

Yes, kids do weird things, they’ll eventually stop

I mean idk if it’s normal hahah kids are weird and that’s ok


Haha kids are just odd but yea can be a sign of some Autism there’s many that have a smell sensory

I know a grown man who still does it

Yep sounds normal to me. Kids are odd creatures

Yes they have all strange habits


I wish my kid (he’s 4) would sniff animals and people. Instead he goes out of his way to smell gas and I can’t stand the smell of it.

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Ehh kids are wierd lol, and that’s okay. As long as they arent bothering anyone or pestering the animal then it’s fine. I used to smell my food before I ate it, even if I have eaten it a 100 times before lol.


As long as he’s not old like Biden u don’t need to worry :rofl:

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Don’t take this personally but could your child possibly be autistic? My son is autistic smells everything and has a very strong sense of smell (freaks out and says things stink or are disgusting) like sensory overload.

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Kids are freaks, and that’s why I love them. :rofl::joy:

Yes , very normal especially boys , they are little weirdos lol

Ask Joe Biden he likes to smell alot

Honestly I think literally any behavior is normal for a 5 year old, they are weird af :joy:


Yes, it’s normal for children to act like animals

Normal because when they realize everything has a smell to it they will smell every single thing.

Lmao, weird little kids are the best

Sniffing things strange combos of food licking stuff blinking it’s all part and parcel of it

Yes kids are weird as fuck lol

Just take them for a walk… it’s all good! :laughing:

Kids are funny

I’m an adult and I’m still a sniffer

My kids 8 and pretends she’s a cat :laughing: kids are silly let them be kids and don’t worry so much

There is no such thing as a “normal” 5yr old. The kid’s gunna be fine! :orange_heart:

My daughter does this, it is a sensory thing.

Yes, my kind of kid ! I sniff everything lol people, places things everything/everyone smells wildly different lol my favourite is old books lol I’m a weirdo I know :sweat_smile:

My cousin is autistic and that’s one of his likes. He is non verbal

It’s Joe Biden’s kid! :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::drooling_face: