Is this normal for baby teeth?

i thought babys get the bottom teeth first? my daughter is almost 8 months and she just got her first tooth on the top?


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Is this normal for baby teeth?

My daughter had her first 2 bottom teether around 6 months and now her 3rd bottom to pop through and same with her top tooth. The other top tooth should be popping through anytime now. And she is 7 months! I don’t think it matters which ones come first! Don’t stress :slightly_smiling_face:

My daughter got her first two teeth at two and a half months old they were her top front and then she got two teeth every other month until she had a full mouth of teeth. Interestingly enough if you care to track the way her teeth come in and then track the way the baby teeth fall out later down the line I discovered tht my daughter lost her baby teeth in the same order she got them lol.

My boy got all four top teeth before his bottom teeth came in. Everything eventually grew in normal!

While it might be more common for bottom teeth to come I’m first, it’s completely normal for top to come in first. Not a big deal whatsoever.

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