Is this normal with braxton hicks?

I’m 27 weeks and 3 days-I’ve been having Braxton hicks all day with diarrhea throughout the day. They will last for a few seconds then go away then it’ll happen again a few minutes later. Is this normal?


Braxton Hicks are normal and can start at 23 weeks. I have had them start at 18 weeks and deemed normal. I’ve had 4 babies. But if you are concerned you should go see your OB.


It is normal but always follow up with your obgyn. They know your history best.

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Braxton hicks can start as early as 23 weeks from what I hear. Maybe sooner. I would definitely talk to your provider!

Mama of 5 here and that happened to me close to labor with all 5 so when it doubt get ahold of your doctor :two_hearts:

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I’ve been having Braxton hicks since 12 weeks (all 4 of my pregnancies have had Braxton hicks starting from 12-15 weeks) and mine have been getting stronger. I’m also 27 weeks.

I was having them and dilated to 3 at 27 weeks. I had no pain. No real contractions. Call your doctor. They held off labor for 5 weeks.

What does the doctor say?

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I’m confused
You literally said you have Braxton hicks, described Braxton hicks, and want to know if it’s normal?
The fact you already know what Braxton hicks is means you already know it’s normal

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That’s a bit too early for Braxton hicks…are you a high risk pregnancy or having twins? You should call your OB or doctor and get seen immediately. Or go to the ER

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Very normal but it also could indicate you are dehydrated. Please drink more water and make sure you rest as much as possible

Yesss the ibs and Braxton hicks are real just before the last trimester

Time it and pay attention for consistency . Also chug water