Is this normal?

I am pregnant with my first child, I am not having any sore breast yet at 6 weeks . Is this normal?

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Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Is this normal?

I’ve had 4 babies and never had sore breasts for any of them! Congratulations on your bebe!

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I only got sore breast during my first trimester with my 3rd child but it didn’t last long it went away :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I didn’t have any symptoms besides no period with my first pregnancy. I didn’t even find out I was pregnant until I was about 14 weeks. Second pregnancy, different story. Everyone is different. Every pregnancy is different.

Consider yourself lucky :heart: I’m 6 weeks & I’m starting to feel all the miserable symptoms.

Every pregnancy is different. My two were like night and day. Enjoy your changes and embrace the ones you don’t have. Congrats mommy!

Like the other ladies said, every pregnancy is different. You may end up having symptoms later in your pregnancy as you get closer to birth& your milk starts coming in. Be thankful because when your milk comes in, you will prob engorged & miserable for a bit. Congratulations on your pregnancy

Every pregnancy is different, I had my daughter 11 years ago, I had no breast pain at all. I’m currently 18 weeks pregnant and have had breast pain since the beginning. Everyone experiences pregnancies differently. But I recommend that if you are worried at all, speak to your gp. Wishing you luck in your pregnancy journey. X

Every pregnancy is different with different symptoms. I had completely different symptoms with all of my pregnancies. 1 boy and 2 girls. Nothing to worry about

I never had sore boobs with any pregnancy (3)

Im expecting baby #2, total of my 4th pregnancy and never had more than maybe a slight discomfort in breasts until just at the end such as now at 37 weeks I’ve started getting sore and achy feeling due to filling up big time preparing for baby.

Consider yourself lucky. It hurts so bad. My first they hurt so bad and my second was nothing. Congrats

Pregnant with my 4th and I had sore breast with this baby but not my other 3!

Thanks everybody! Just worried because I had a miscarriage in January now almost 7 weeks and have my 1st appointment on the 17th

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I’ve had three pregnancies and never had sore breasts

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Yes it is I never got sore breasts with my third pregnancy

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You can have no symptoms or all of the symptoms of pregnancy or anywhere in between. Each pregnancy will be different. Congratulations

Me happy!! Soon you will be complaining about so many others things!!!

I had zero symptoms with my first and only a few with my 2nd. Like I could have been on those I had no idea I was pregnant shows lol

Yes it’s completely normal. Mine didn’t hurt with any of my pregnancies til afterwards when my milk started coming in.

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I didn’t get sore breast with either of my kids. Not all pregnancies get the same symptoms. Some people don’t experience any, some get a few, and some get them all.

I had 5 kids and symptoms and time frames for symptoms will change. With my first I had no breast soreness though. With my 5th my breasts werent sore but they did feel tingly early on. Soreness may come in a few weeks. Good luck!

I had a friend who was pregnant the same time as me and she swore she could say, “Doc, my skin has turned green, I have 4 extra toes, and I’m growing horns and a furry tail” and he’d say. “Oh, that’s normal.” Pregnancy can have some pretty weird side effects or none at all.

Mine didn’t get sore until I started breastfeeding, but dang did they get big and heavy. Lots of headaches.