Is this normal?

I’m 9 weeks pregnant and had my first appointment. Everything went great. My OBGYN tested my urine for drugs and didn’t mention she was going to do that. Is that normal? Im in the state of TX if that matters.


The OB I used in Georgia had a sign on the bathroom wall saying they did. It also stated that if any test came back positive they would call cps when you deliver

Very normal and as far as I know, they tell you

They do that at every appointment here in Kentucky

I always thought they had to tell you. They did me

They test for more than drugs.
The levels of hcg, sugars, utis, drugs, etc. it’s just for your safety and the babies safety. Your pregnancy urine can tell a doctor a lot.

Yup very normal. You will also pee at every apt an they check for protein to make sure you don’t have any in your urine. They also can test you for drugs as well. When you go to have the baby they also will test you there an if you come up positive for anything they will test baby to

Yes it does some people do things that they shouldn’t the whole pregnancy and depending if weed is not legal they can get you for that as well potentially. So they check everyone