Is this pain in pregnancy normal?

I’m 40 weeks pregnant, and I’ve been experiencing pain in my left vagina lip. This has been going on for almost two weeks now. It’s not a throbbing pain but a constant pain. It hurts to lift my leg or do simple things like get up off the couch or out of bed. I’m 2.5 dilated and 60 percent effaced for the past two weeks. Is this normal? Has anybody else experienced this?


Sounds like you have a very low pinched nerve from pressure in your pelvis.

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Yep. My Ob called it “pressure” and said it is very normal in the 3rd trimester. Id personally say just keep an eye on it since you are 40 weeks and things will be moving right along.

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Have you had someone look at it? It could be vulvar varicosities which is basically varicose veins. Burning? Itching?

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Yes. It’s a nerve pinched. Mine started back at like 30 weeks. I’ve had to walk with a cane on some days because of it. I can’t even put weight on that side/leg. If I lift that leg, roll over in bed or do anything that engages my left leg, I’m in severe pain. The doctors aren’t too concerned about it but because of the pain, I’m being induced early.

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Sounds like a pinched nerve… you’re in the last lap mama, it’ll be done soon. If it continues after your baby, pursue treatment. Congratulations, enjoy the new baby!!

Prayers for you honey, cuz that is the WORST and most uncomfortable pain, I think, of all parts of pregnancy!


I betcha if you look down there it will be scary and blue!! My veins were huge down below at 40 weeks and it was exactly like what you’re describing!


That is from pressure on your side and it’s pushing against a nerve, it will get getter after you deliver.

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Very normal had it with both my second and third pregnancies

Yesssss I’m 36 weeks and have had it a good amount of my pregnancy. It hurts like hell!!!

Totally normal. Google “lightening crotch”.


Going through the same at 37weeks check out pelvic girdle

Same thing here. But I’m a week behind you. It could be lightning crotch but considering I had varicose veins down there with my last one I’m pretty sure it’s the veins.

Pressure but get to walking … help your body dilate… Your almost home ! Congratulations

You’re also carrying more fluids in your body and that can cause pressure and pain. I wouldn’t be too worried.

Don’t worry dear,u will be right& normal soon.

Just apply
Sarnax cooling gel
Lubriderm healing ointment
With having no side effects.

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Yup! Mine started closer to 32 weeks with my daughter and 35 weeks with current pregnancy.

I had it also… It could be lightning crotch which is such a bizarre term but makes sense when you actually get it, but it sounds more like you just have a ton of pressure down there and it’s probably hitting a nerve. Lightning crotch is more like “zaps” of electricity that come out of nowhere. If it’s constant then your baby is probably on the descent and putting a ton of pressure down there… get ready!!! It’ll all go away once you have him/her!

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You could be having some type of contractions could be a pinched nerve have you talked to your doctor could be a couple of different things could just be normal body stress from the pregnancy every single one of my pregnancies would have different and I’ve had five of them

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A Bartholin cyst will cause that, as well.

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You should bring this up to your midwife/ob so they can keep an eye on it until you deliver.

Wow. Ask your doctor :woman_facepalming:.

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I had a sting in my clitoris. The doctors at pine rest wasn’t able to figure it out. They thought it had something to do with my heart and gave me an EKG cause they’re stupid :joy:

Yes I had it with my 4th girl don’t worry x

Yup this is me now and I have 4 weeks left of it. Ugh :disappointed_relieved:

Hopefully it’s just a “superficial” varicose vein, or some other similar issue…however, definitely watch for one sided swelling of your left leg and if you notice it from now til postpartum recovery is complete then make sure you go in for an IVUS. A Ddimer will be unreliable at this time due to pregnancy but the IVUS will diagnose a true vascular condition. I had May Thurner and didn’t know it til my second baby, I wish I would have known what to look for and that one sided swelling was a redflag I needed an immediate evaluation for!


There are many nerves in groin area and if baby is sitting on a particular nerve it can cause pain in different areas. All will improve after delivery. Luckily you are near the end. Good luck :heart:

Could be sciatic nerve pain from babies position. I had that problem and couldn’t lift my leg past a certain point and God forbid if I tried to use my foot/leg to push something out of the way. Talk about painful :flushed:. I would also get the vagina pain. You’re in the home stretch. Hang in there mama :purple_heart:


With my first child and my lovely tilted uterus, he was pushing on veins down there which would make them swell and cause pain around them. I was given a belt to lift some of the pressure and eventually put on bed rest but it got worse right before I delivered him. I would guess your baby is getting in place now and pushing on those veins. Get ready mama!


Pelvic gridle pain! Usually people mistake with sciatica pain but its PGP.

Please go to Pelvic Pain specialist physiotherapist it will be sooooo much helpful! Do not take this lightly!

They will tell u how to get out n on on the bed, how to lift things from floor, wear pantsshoes etc walk , stand ,sleep with pillow between ur knees etc n do daily chores also they will give u few exercises which are so much helpful n ice pack will help too

This pain is horrible n should be taken care of will recommend to visit Physio postpartum as well even if u have slight pain

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Sounds like pelvic girdle pain. I had it when i was pregnant. It went away after delivery. It was hard for me to lift my legs or get off the bed, or even get in and out of the car. A maternity belt would help

Yes, it means your baby is getting ready to come out :joy::joy::joy: i had this happen the night before the baby came ! Be prepared! Start making your bag & have an outfit ready, baby is coming!

I had that in my groin area from about 34 weeks, where it was painful to lift my legs or get in and out of bed etc, I landed up in hospital because they thought it was early labor and it turns out I had round ligament pain which is apparently very common in pregnancy

I never made it to 40 weeks on my pregnancies. But it does sound like vericrose veins I suffered this after my second. Place a warm washcloth on that area see if that helps

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I had this with my daughter, the dr said she was running out of space and was pushing on my cervix. You are almost there hunny, hope you get some relief soon.


I did on my first my midwife told me to use witch hazel oil pop a couple of drops on a sanitary towel worked wonders for me!hope this helps and good luck

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Anytime baby was in an uncomfortable position midwife suggested making hula hoop movements to help get baby into a better centralized place and same movements on a balance ball.

Gravity will do some of the work too the more you walk and hula hoop the faster the baby drops.

Sounds like the baby’s dropped lower into your pelvic region to get ready for birth. The weight and possibly the position of the head could be putting pressure on and pinching some veins or nerves in there. Hopefully you will be baby free in that compartment soon and feel better. Try a warm bath to see if that helps.

Oh my gosh you poor lady, the miracle of pregnancy and childbirth is just that but oh lord why does it have to be so painful and difficult … good luck for a happy delivery xx


Is it the outer lip? I’d say pelvic pain. With my 4th it was unreal, many check ups with the ob gyn because it was never so bad
. And by 40 weeks it was unbareable. It will soon be gone when baby arrives :heart:

Yes I had pain in mine too. Few days after I went into labour. Was hard to walk, sit, stand pee etc hahah then the little moo got stuck at 5cm and I had to have emergency c section :see_no_evil::see_no_evil::joy::joy: I’m sure you’ll be fine and baby will be here soon my body’s just broken :grin::grin::grin:

Yes I had this for ages with my 3rd she was breech so not sure if that was anything but felt like I’d been kicked down there! Ouch!

Yes I’m experiencing the same thing can hardly move my legs and lots of pain and pressure on the vagina. Currently 35 weeks I’m right behind you. My doctor told me his head is right on my bladder.

Girl yes!!! Its perfectly normal. Very uncomfortable ,I know I have 5 babies. Your body is stretching the fuck out. Just some very important advice, take care of yourself after you deliver. Cover yourself good and dont be doing no damn chores. good luck and congratulations on your baby.

As always ask your doctor. This is the best advice anyone can give because what may be one thing for someone may be something totally different for someone else.


Vaginal varicose veins… ice or warmth helps. It goes away after birth. Good luck :+1:

I literally just went through this a couple days ago I was told it had to do with baby boy dropping and possibly pinching a nerve. After a couple days the pain went away.

See your doctor/midwife. Discuss it with them. Whilst there is some great posts on here it needs to be addressed ASAP. Good luck and hang in there!

It’s normal my daughter did it to me a few days before she was born. It’s just the baby pushing down on your nerve. Means they are head down and ready.

I experienced this once I was induced with my second son. The pain was really bad. I felt really bruised. Felt like I’d been kicked in the vag to put it politely :joy::joy:. I think it’s just pressure. X

I’m only 33 weeks pregnant and I have pain all the time down there… and in my hips!! Dr said bbn it’s normal as the baby gets lower

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It’s from the nerves being pinched from the weight and position of the baby.

I had this with my second pregnancy at the end. You’re almost done!!!

Totally normal had this so bad with my first and experiencing it again with my second

Yes I did too. I thought something was wrong until other mommy’s told me it was normal.

The pressure for sure, I hope little baba arrives safely soon. I was overdue 2 weeks with my last pregnancy, little girl. Don’t worry xx

Varicose vein for sure. I had one after id given birth!! Ask your midwife to check it xx

It’s normal i was like that w my last pregnancy an I’m still like that I can’t lay on my side w my legs closed it’s really painful :woman_shrugging: kids really change ur body

It could be a vericose vein in there from pressure. I had it badly felt uncomfortable unless lying down. It went away!

I had it for 2weeks with my most recent pregnancy and Dr seemed to say it’s normal but then baby was born at 36 weeks… Still have the pain randomly

For mine it was a clogged gland and sitz baths and warm compresses helped

Yes, I was dilated to 4 for 1 1/2 weeks and had same

Whilst i was in slow labour for 10 days i had this pain too, like the lip was clamped in a vice, right? Trust me it will go away after. Its absolutely awful but it will go away.

I had that with my daughter and the doctor says the baby was laying on my nerve.

I had it for 3 months with my youngest one

Pretty normal… don’t panic baby’s coming out very soon.

I had something like that. Was like a varicose vain…

Ugh 40 weeks! Everything hurts but the second you hear baby cry it’s all GONE! Your almost there sweetie :pray::canada:


Lightning crotch! It’s real and it hurts


It’s called lightning crotch :joy::sleeping::sob: got it with my 4th child it’s horrible and annoying don’t wish it on anyone!


Yes it’s probably a pinched nerve… I’ve had it before :roll_eyes:

Never heard of it and I’ve had 2 kids … sounds like I was lucky :joy:

Baby is coming soon. Rest now cause you won’t be able to soon. Good luck momma

Vericose vein for sure! My baby sat low, and mine were engorged for months resulting in stretch marks, my OB recommended tight maternity pants, sitting on warm pack or cool pack, I sat on my yoga ball and the crotch support helped alot


Baby is prob pressing on yr sciatic nerve or another

Yep girl get a big bag of ice and put it between your lips down their and sit n it .

First ask a doctor. Second take an anatomy class :woman_facepalming::rofl:

Yep. Just the baby getting in position

Sounds like the dreaded fanny daggers

Lightning crotch. Normal.

The baby is resting on a nerve…

I HAD THIS SO BAD. like so bad. I was crippled. I thought my pelvic was broken. I thought it was more painful then child birth. It’s the way she is sitting on your nerves even though I still dont believe that is what it was but that’s what my doctor said. Itll go away after birth but oh dear god was it the most painful thing. Look up pelvic synthesis pain! It’s basically what it is. Just take it easy but its gunna suck not gunna lie. I literally thought my vagina was broken


Lightning crotch. :grimacing:

My thoughts are with your vagina.


Lightning crotch! Oof, I’m so sorry :disappointed::disappointed:

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Please ask your doctor❣️

It is SPD or symphysis pubis dysfunction…I had it with my daughter and my current pregnancy. Feels like your hips, pelvis, or upper thighs are ripping apart whenever you get in and out the bed, car, chair, walking, climbing stairs, rolling over in bed, etc. Itll go away once you have the baby but it’s terrible!!! Worst part is you have it with 1 pregnancy you will more than likely get it again. I did. With my daughter and this pregnancy started around 18weeks-20weeks

I’m going through it now! My due date is tomorrow and I’m being induced. My doctor said it’s normal, probably because of baby weight. The pain isn’t on the lip but just my under belly (whole area below belly button).

It’s round ligament pain. I had it in my second pregnancy. It’s totally normal. Your pelvis is spreading to get ready for labor.

Babies laying on a nerve. It can really hurt! Should ease when waters break, and go after birth.

I had this they called it SPD and lightning crotch it gets better have baby :yellow_heart: good luck

I had bad pains in my vaginal area a lot near the end of my pregnancy on my daughter at times it felt heavy if that makes sense 🤦:see_no_evil::joy: xx

I experienced this starting at about when I was 7 1/2 months worst pain ever. I would literally cry… They call it SPD

Could be pubic girdle pain thats what im going through now but mine started at about 36 weeks and I’m 38 now

Yep SPD. It’s excruciating. Ice packs helped me.

I always had that pain especially when I’m close to my due date.

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Floating in a pool… helps a lot. Lifts the pressure of the pelvis

So common to feel pain.

Ah yes, lightning crotch! It’s normal!

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