Is Valtrex safe while pregnant?

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I’m 33 weeks pregnant and my dr suggested I start talking valtrex at 32 weeks incase I deliver early. Have any other moms taken it during pregnancy? I’m a nervous wreck taking anything other than my prenatal and 2 of my drs said its perfectly safe but my anxiety gets me. Also does anyones else’s baby have lazy days and crazy active days this far into their pregnancy? Thanks


I have not taken this, but it’s probably safer if you do take it, as uncomfortable as it is to take meds while pregnant. Just because it will lower your chance of having to have a cesarean. That type of infection is mostly just a nuisance to us as adults, but for babies, it’s more serious. :confused: It’ll be ok, mama!

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L&D nurse. I have seen numerous moms on it so they can deliver vaginally. The other option is csection. Taking it would be what is safest for the baby if u plan to deliver vaginally.


There were some days I couldn’t feel him moving, and some days I could feel him a lot. Went to hospital one day over it and found out he was moving more than I thought, I just couldn’t feel some of the movements bc they were either too soft, or it was just his current location at the time.

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Dont feel bad on your anxiety. I’m in the same boat with med wise.

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I try not to take meds cuz I’m pregnant but if the dr tells me it’s safe or prescribes me something I’ll take it. Also my baby has his on and off days. But I still feel him 6-10 times in a couple hrs sometimes within mins I feel him 6-10 times. Take something to drink or eat something and the baby should move.

Sorry I’m not in the same boat but I hope this helps you

You can also go on and get more information so you can ask your doctor about it at your next visit

Ive had to take 3 different meds from the get go eith this pregnancy. 1 baby aspirin in the am for my BP since I was considered high risk with a history of preeclampsia, 1 zyrtec for allergies, and 2 heartburn pills that recently was changed to something stronger. All of which my dr has told me to be on and is safe otherwise it wouldn’t be more than tylenol for headaches.

If your doctor is suggesting it then there is most likely concern for you to have to take it. And yes babies have active days and not so active days as long as you are feeling good movement you are fine!

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Trust your doctors over people on social media and the “lazy days” will become more frequent as baby runs out of room in your belly the bigger he/she gets closer to delivery.

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It’s all ok, listen to your doctor


Not I personally. However my friend worked for an obgyn and if you want to avoid a C-section this works pretty well for suppression. I assumed once diagnosed with HSV2 in any woman it was C-sections only had no idea V birth was possible I also read an article saying risk of the baby being infected while on the med is less than 10%.

My OB wants me to get a shot to stop me from having this baby to early… i had my youngest son 4 weeks early very iffy about doing it…

For untreated herpes at birth your child can be blind, is that a chance you are willing to take?
Valtrex is perfectly safe In any stage of pregnancy, don’t be stupid, take your meds as prescribed

Did anybody have any side effects after taking valtrex? I’m getting real bad headaches