Is Violetta appropriate for a 9 year old to watch?

Has anyone heard of Violetta on Disney Plus? Is it appropriate for my 9 year old to watch. I want to ask anonymously.

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This is the one on Disney+, I mean it’s gunna show her jr high and highschool drama, it’s something she’s gunna face. It could give you a conversation with her about what she could be facing.

It’s rated G so I would think it would be ok

Maybe watch a few episodes yourself? What may seem or may not seem appropriate to others may seems or may not seem appropriate to you. I have never heard of it but watching might be the best way to find out? Only you can decide what is appropriate for your own child based on age and maturity :blush:

Watch a few episodes yourself first.

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if its on disney + my daughter watches it… she is 7 :roll_eyes: its disney… really?

If I’m unsure about certain shows or movies I will watch a portion of it myself. I will also search it on Google and check the rating and any reviews. And sometimes I will also watch it with my boys so if something is shown that I think is inappropriate I will skip past it or turn it off.

Just looked up review a lot of people are saying from teen plus to watch it

How about make your own decisions about your child and don’t let everyone influence you. It’s your call ultimately


Never heard of it…
However, have you yourself watched it?
I think that would give you the best idea if it’s age appropriate or if you even want your child watching.


Not sure why not. I’m 22 and watched Hannah Montana and stuff like that at 9. It’s probably fine.

Never heard of it, look it up!

Common Sense Media breaks down movies, tv shows, books, games, and apps based on content and rates the age. You can look up other things using the search function.