It has been painful for me to go number 2: Advice?

Sorry for the TMI. I have a serious question. I’m almost embarrassed to ask, and although kind of a funny thing to ask, I have to know. I’m five months pregnant, and when I go poop, it causes sharp pains to the point of unbearable. I will be asking my doctor about it but has this happened to anyone else. I know with my precious child, when I was pushing, they said push my babe out as if I was pooping. Can I hurt myself and/or my baby by doing something every day like pooping? Its really only when I strain, but I feel extremely constipated at times, and I don’t even know a remedy for that. Shoot, it could be because the babe is sitting so low, but what did you do to ease constipation?


Eat more fiber, and drink lots of water, if that still doesn’t help ask Dr about prescribing a stool softener. Constipation is very common in pregnancy. You may also have hemorrhoids if you’re pushing too hard


Drink plenty of water.

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You can take mirlax daily and colace up to 3x a day when pregnant. Are you on nausea meds? They can cause constipation too. Stay ahead of it!!

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As someone who has bowel disease and painful bowel movements, it really does help to raise up your knees like a squat. Use a small step stool to put your feet up.


Prune juice will do the trick i had twins and the constipation was so bad i drank it and it worked

You can take stool softener!!! I have only ever had this issue with my 2 girls!!! Raise your knees and place your hands on the back of your thighs and put your chin to your chest…sounds crazy but I used to sit that way for a few minutes then push and it helped ease the pain!!!


Also if you are taking prenatal it can cause major constipation. Ask your doctor about switching to Flintstones vitamins. That was my experience anyway

Prenatal vitamins can make you constipated. I had my doc switch me to one with lower iron and the constipation went away. As stated above, drink plenty of water and/or prune juice, eat healthy high fiber veggies/fruits. You may have a small internal hemorrhoid and your doctor can give you a suppository to shrink it

Go natural…
Prunes or prune juice

Use a stool softener(check with dr first)

Plenty of water, fruits and fiber might help. Constipation can be a pain during pregnancy. Consult your doctor before taking laxatives etc.

More fiber, plenty of water and an otc stool softener should help with the constipation. As far as the pain, I didnt go through that and would call the Dr to be sure.

If your taking iron tablets this is a side effect. The made me really poorly. I was recommended to take spatone sachets instead they do the same thing but are much better on the system, you just pour them in a drink of orange juice.
If not then your doctors may be able to give you something to help make it easier xx

My prenatals and iron supplements cause me issues. My doctor told me to take a stool softener. It helps.

Constipation is normal in pregancy because of high levels to progesterone the causes your bowel muscle to relax

I did that too. I hate water but they told me eat a bunch of strawberries and blueberries and stuff like that.

I’m 19 weeks and so constipated I’ve been able to poop maybe a total of 10 times this whole pregnancy even with stool softeners

Stool softener. Fiber. Water.

Benefiber daily! Constipation and gas pains can be as bad as labor pain

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MiraLax. I was having the same issues and my OB said MiraLax was safe and it worked wonders


I felt like that also. I asked the doc if that was my body getting ready for a baby, cause omg never had pains like that She laughed and said oh no you need more fiber and a stool softener.

Double check with your doctor, but I was able to take colace, stool softener, with both of my pregnancies. I think there’s a generic brand as well.

That is so normal. Add more fiber!!! Try fiber one bars and veggies and stuff it will really help. Also prune juice. If it’s still happening talk to your ob about a stool softener

Walmart makes a 100 percent natural psyllium fiber capsule, works great, very inexpensive

1 Tablespoon coconut oil in your coffee or tea everyday

Are you on iron tablets? They make you constipated.
Take a bowel softener & drink lots of water

Walking, water, fruits and fiber will help as others have suggested. It’s hormones that are causing the delay. Talk to your doctor at the next appointment but I would try to avoid medication and only take them if the diet changes and walking doesn’t work. The constipation and added pressure due to increased weight are causes of hemorrhoids before you even have to push the baby out.

It definitely was my iron supplement… I was anemic and needed to take it… but my goodness!!! One time I thought I was gonna die!!! I was sweating and straining and cramping… had to walk it off and try again :joy: biggest, hardest poop of my life

Take laxatives hun, I had this and it seemed to be if I’d had food that causes your poop to be harder and the movements of it would hurt when I needed to go

Hemorrhoids? Miralax

Drink plenty of apple juice

Get some stool softners if your having to strain but I had pains after using the restroom until I had my baby on friday. Hope you fund some relief

Stool softeners. My son gave me hemrhoids terribly and during labor , the pressure of him coming down was so bad, he cracked my butt through a hemrhoid and caused an anal fistula which was so bad I had to keep up with laxitives and softeners and hemrhoid cream for weeks till it would heal so I could normally poop…

Do not strain girl! More fiber, more water for sure, and if its bad enough use colace. Dont do what I did and strain then end up with a hemorrhoid :woman_facepalming:t3:

Fissures or hemorrhoids, soften your stool and use a cream On the area.

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I had awful constipation with my last baby, I had to take stool softeners daily the last few months of pregnancy

Make sure youre drinking plenty of water, eating fiber, stool softner.

Eat fibre, popcorn, potato skins, rhubarb pie, raisin bran

Take a stool softener

You could have fissures or hemorrhoids, both are very common during pregnancy. There are otc creams you can purchase to help relieve symptoms, but I’d recommend bringing it up to your ob.


Milk of magnesia. It was recommended during pregnancy. You’ll go with no problems.


The doctor will probably put you on stool softners- having said that it would probably be fairly safe to go to your local pharmacy and ask the pharmacist for something safe- like maybe colace to help you go until you can get to the doctor, and drink a metric asston of water- trust me you want t get the poo issue settled before you have the baby.

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Maybe Hemmoroids. They have Henmoroid pads you could ask about if they are safe during pregnancy. They have helped me a lot.

Milk of magnesia was a god send. I had this happen with my second and it helped so much

Def check with your OB. But id get a box or two of stool softners. As baby grows, it could become more of an issue for you, and esp after baby is born, You will want some. Best of luck and congrats momma!

Best cure for constipation - Eat a whole grapefruit [two halfs] and have a nice hot cup of tea with honey afterwards.

It could be hemorrhoids, diverticulitis. Ask the doctor for stool softeners.

Eat a bran muffin everyday. Take extra fibre whenever you can. But def ask your Dr.

Benefibre is your friend

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Milk magnesia always helped me

Drinking more water, and or juice, Stoll softeners maybe! Definitely check with your Dr.

Mirilax! I had to drink it every night from 6months till baby was born. Mix a cap full of the powder with 1 cup of applejuice.

Milk of magnesia is what I used. It taste horrible but i stopped having pain.

You could always try to eat some Taco bell


Sounds like you may have a hemorrhoid mama. Maybe try some cream or miralax?

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I took stool softeners and they helped a bit.

Take some stool softeners

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This is very normal. Talk with your doctor about safe ways to help with constipation.

Use a glycerin suppository. Just stick it up your butt in 15 minutes later you’ll poop