It hurts to breastfeed...advice?

Help it hurts to breast feed. It hurt when I first started then it got better for a day or two and now it hurts so bad I don’t want to nurse at all. My nipples both have spots that are bleeding as well. Please any tip you guys have helps I’ve exclusively pumped my last two kids due too latch problems.


I highly recommend these (along with seeking help from a lactation consultant. It sounds like a poor latch to me. Put these gel pads in the freezer before you sit down to nurse and put them on as soon as you finish nursing. I swore by them.

I found out I have Raynaud’s phenomenon. To me when I breast fed last time it was like I was having my nipples set on fire. I went to formula after the first two weeks because it hurt too much. My new Dr said this time (only 18 weeks currently ) I’ll be going on calcium blockers and it should help the pain tremendously.

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I pumped for 24 hours and gave my nipples a rest and it helped a lot. I would give him a bottle when my nipples hurt a lot. Also, lanolin is a life saver.

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Could it be a latching issue? Call your hospital and ask for a lactation specialist

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Meet with an IBCLC and have an assessment. There can be many factors at play. Biggest one being tongue/lip ties. Whatever the issue, you have a poor latch. This can be corrected though. Don’t give up. Seek the proper assistance.

It’s not supposed to hurt, bubs most likely has ties tongue/lip/cheek!
Book an appointment with an IBCLC to get a thorough assessment done!

I used a nipple shield until my baby was big enough to take more of my nipple in. I had preemie babies so they needed to grow. Once they got bigger, around 4-5 month, I no longer needed the shield.

I ordered Gel breastfeeding pads and kept them in the fridge. They gave so much relief.

Lanolin or coconut oil help your nipples. Sounds like a latch issue. You can watch YT videos until you can get in touch with your lactation consultant hopefully tomorrow.

If there are scabs, blood, dry spots, or hickies that is poor latch. Get that whole areola into baby’s mouth, like shove it into their mouth! Pain with breastfeeding is normal if…
There are no scabs, blood, dry spots, or hickies. The pain should only last 1-2mins before residing and this should only last for 2weeks-2months until nipples break in.
Put nipple cream and breastmilk onto your bloody spots. The will still go away if baby is latching correctly. Breastfeeding can be hard to be discouraged, you got this 🫶🏻


Sounds like a poor latch. See a lactation consultant


Nipple shields and nipple butter. It gets easier I promise.