It it hard having kids close in age?

Just curious as to how mommas adjusted to having kids so close together. My son is 3 in October, my daughter will be 1 in November and I just found out I’m pregnant. My adjustment wasn’t really that hard from 1 to 2. I beat myself up over wanting to breast feed my second and couldn’t do it with the ppd that I had. When I finally excepted I couldn’t do it I was fine. I’m worried though this baby will only be 14 months apart from my daughter. Just want opinions on how other moms transitions went with babies so close in age. Thanks


I started with twins, now I have 5. All about 18 months apart. You just do what you have to do really. Constant chaos. But I live them so I’ll live. Lol

I had 3 kids in 3yrs. My 2 oldest are only 16months apart. It actually isnt that hard, get a routine going and stick to it. Get the other kids to help out abit. There will be abit of jealousy for the first few months. Mine are now 3,5&6 and it’s worse now then when they were younger

My kids are 13months apart… it’s always nuts around here lol :joy: you just get a routine going and get into a little groove that works for you and your family! You’ll figure it out and be just fine! Atm my kids are 2&3. About to be 3&4 and I’m pregnant. Good luck to you!! Also, it was never as hard or as bad as I imagined it was going to be!! We stick to our routine… do everything generally around the same time everyday and that really helps to eliminate some of the chaos around here!! Stick to structure. For meals, nap/bedtimes, baths, playtime, cleaning time etc…

My daughter just turned one May 13th, and I will be having my fourth this week. I am very nervous about transitioning from 3 to 4 as the first three all have four years in between them and the last two will only have not even a full 13 months

I brought the baby home and carried on with life as usual…just with one more tiny human in tow. You just need to be flexible and accept that your schedule might get effed up at times.
I’m pregnant with my 5th. 16 month gap between the first 2. 3 yr gap between 2 & 3. 15 month gap between 3 & 4. This time it’ll be a 12 yr gap.

My daughters are 11 months and 2 days apart…it’s exhausting taking care of an infant and being pregnant but as they get older it’s a lot of fun…my daughters are now 1 1/2 and 2 1/2 and they have such an awesome bond it’s cute to watch…and my son will be 7 in September and he does great with them as well