It's always me reaching out to others about playdates...advice?

Please tell me if other moms have this feeling. I set up playdates for my son often. I am always the one to reach out to the other parents. I have not had a chance to schedule anything for the last month (life has gotten in the way) and I am just realizing that nobody has reached out to me. I may just be letting my mind get in the way. If you reach out to people then it shows that you care and want them around. You are thinking of them. It makes me feel like the kids I set up play dates with don’t actually care to be my son’s friend and the parents are just doing it because they don’t want to say no. Am I the only one that has ever thought like that? I know I am probably overthinking this.


I know how you’re feeling. I’d be anxious about that being the case as well.

Honestly, I would start branching out and trying to make other friends. Or exploring play areas like the children’s Museum so the kids can play with others without having this issue.

I work full time and never really get time for things like the play dates. The kids ask my daughter but honestly when I am not working I would rather go do my own thing with my kids and not be forced to entertain other peoples kids. I am only saying this because the other moms are probably also just drowning and while it’s nice to get kids to play together it’s not really high on my priority list because my schedule is super busy already


Some people are just better at planning and reaching out. Moms like us need moms like you!!


Young one, you just keep doing what you’re doing. You are what is known as a “villager” - not only are you concerned about your baby but are a resource ( may not seem that way right now) for other children. We all know it that’s a village to raise a child. :wink: your a great Momma -