I've been sick since I gave birth: Advice?

So I had a healthy pregnancy, but since birth I’ve been feeling really sick. It’s been three months, and I’m nauseous and very dizzy, and tired all the time. So far, the doctors can’t find anything wrong is this normal?


I don’t know if blood clots can do that to you but definitely ask them to check for them!!

This happened to me too after my 3rd was born and the drs never figured it out and eventually it went away. Side note im a heavy girl and throughout the pregnancy i was sick and lost 50lbs. And when I asked the dr if it was ok he said “it doesnt look like youre missing it Youre fine”


Are you breastfeeding? I fed my youngest for a yr & didn’t stop feeling this way until she weaned herself a few weeks ago, I guess it was just all my good stuff going to her which I don’t mind at all but I feel amazing now

I got anemic as well as vit d deficient for months post partum I suggest asking for bloodwork. It could tell you where you are lacking, if your doctor isn’t making you feel heard find a new one.


Try eating beef liver if you can stomach it. It is really high in iron. If you are Anemic that should help a lot

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I feel this way and he’s almost 5 months. I’m breastfeeding so i think it’s that. It’s the only thing that i did different than my first child

Get your iron checked and take a good multivitamin containing folic acid. I became severely endemic after my second baby and had those exact symptoms.


I felt like that after I had my baby. Like 5 minutes after and it was because I was losing too much blood and had a lot of blood clots. Dr had to scrape everything out quickly and I’m taking iron pills now.

Get your bloods taken could be anemic or it could be your thyroid pregnancy triggers it xx

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I felt like that!! I started taking my prenatal again. I also was nursing and had to learn to eat more frequently, I never felt so awful after having my second

Check your iron for sure

If your breastfeeding you could need more vitamins and nutrients. Take your prenatals or they have postnatals for nursing and try to make sure you’re eating enough and hydrating

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You might need iron…

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Even though I don’t have all these symptoms but I do have moments where I feel completely fatigued and dizzy as well, baby is 3 mo old and I started reading about postpartum depletion. Our body could be quite depleted in vitamins and minerals esp if you’re also breastfeeding.

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If they just checked your thyroid ask them to check your thyroid antibodies if they didn’t.

You could be anemic or vitamin deficient. I would try taking a multivitamin and an extra magnesium, vit d, calcium and your b vitamins. Also get your thyroid levels checked. Pregnancy can destroy your thyroid

Could be hormones, ferritin, iron, potassium, etc., etc… Desiccated beef liver supplements are great with cofactors of b pollen + whole food C (not ascorbic acid) + magnesium (not citrate) which atl help absorption. You might even try drinking an adrenal cocktail every day (recipe online) and some sole water or coconut water for potassium and electrolytes. If it is thyroid and you plan to ask your Dr to test you, a great place to look for what to ask for is a site called Stop the Thyroid Madness. Also look into how to take care of your adrenals. Congratulations on the new baby :heart:

Are you breastfeeding? Taking prenatals? Eating and drinking enough? Being tired a lot is normal and being hungry could make you light headed and even nauseous

Get your thyroid checked!

Check for iron deficiency anemia!

I’ve been going through exactly the same thing the past month got my iron levels checked and found out there jst about non existent… Definitely get them checked it’s an easy fix if it is👌

Definitely sounds like you’re anemic. I felt the same until I started taking Iron everyxay

Yes.Take some One-Day vitamins.or Ask your doctor for some.