I've had issues with my mom my entire life: Thoughts?

So have had issues with my mum since I can remember. Treated differently to siblings always classed as the bad child/mistake! I wasn’t allowed out play with friends siblings got treated much better than me even now we all adults I’m definitely the odd one out etc anyway I was attacked aged 14 long story short it went to court and I was awarded compensation; I was underage she’s had the money and never gave it to me! Loads of blackmailing and arguments I just left it alone couldn’t cope with stress had two kids myself young. It well turns out she’s has managed to convince my great aunt to leave everything! She passed a few years ago, and my mum’s siblings and family are just finding this out now as there having issues themselves with my mother regarding their father! The bit that’s hurting me the most is that it says on the paperwork that if my mum is to die, the money should go to listing all my sibling’s names but not mine. It confirms to me how heartless this woman is. I’m ashamed to call her my mum! I’m a mother myself and could not imagine making one of them feel how I felt my whole life. The money that was awarded to me after the attack in 2004 have I got a chance to fight for it, or is it too late? I don’t want anything else from here, just what she has taken from me


People always say stuff about being sad if a parents dies because you only have one or because they gave you life. Really? That torture to age 18 only for it to keep going into my 40s? I’m almost 50! I’ve had it! No more toxic parents or family!!


Take it to court and try and fight for what’s yours!! She owes you it!


I’m so sorry this has happened to you.

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You need to talk to a lawyer x


Get an attorney and get away from her


Depending where you live you can actually sue your parent for the shit they did to you

Definitely contact a lawyer about the money that is yours. If you can go to court.


Do you or can you get your hands on the papers stating you won and the monies involved?
If it states the money goes into a trust for you then fight for it.
If it states that it goes to your legal guardian because you were underage, you might be able to fight but I doubt it.
Depends on what the court documents state.
But definitely speak with a lawyer. I’m sure it depends on the state you are living in as well.


I would say go for it and then win or lose go on and live your life full of love. Don’t bother with her anymore. Not worth it. When people show you who they really are believe them!!!


Here is what I would do. Go down to the courthouse or call and see if they can have a copy of your court case and decision mailed to you or if you can pick it up. Read over it and see if it says that she had to put the money back by law until you turned 18. If it doesn’t…no dice unless your mom willingly pays you back. However,with the will…usually if a parent puts ANY one of their kids on the will,then all kids have a right to contest said will and get something.

That is what my husband was told after his sister was appointed power of attorney over his dad’s will and wrote it up herself where her and her kids get everything. He has 90 days after his dad passes to contest the will. If he does, then his sister has to sell off everything and give him half. May even be able to get put legally on the will if want before parent’s death. Definitely talk to a lawyer bc I believe you do have options regarding your mom’s wishes…

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Try. No matter what happens after that, walk away and focus on loving your kids better than she does.


Please create a family who loves and adores and cares for you from friends. Your own family’s behavior is unconscionable. I’m so sorry. Whether or not you can get what’s owed you financially, living well is the best revenge. Hope you are getting therapy to help with your abusive past, and if you haven’t distanced yourself from them, maybe it’s time.

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Daughters Of Abusive Mothers I bet a lot of people in this group could help you!! I’m so sorry you have been treated this way. I’d go nc

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Your money is gone; walk away. Don’t turn back.

You can fight her for it and win and if she has spent a dime of it she will have to pay you back its your money not hers

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Fight for what is yours

get an attorney to fight her for your cpmensation

Fight for what is yours

Fight for your money

I was treated the same way. Than my mom stopped talking to me the best thing to happen to me.get a lawyer.

Top forms of abuse- physical, abandonment, emotional, disfavored child, and sexual, sounds like you experienced your share, the money seems secondary to protecting yourself and your children and some repairative therapy

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