I've made a big mistake exaggerating and bending the truth

So me and my partner broke up due to my partner turning a little crazy. After lockdown my ex become really insecure… he would accuse me of things that I hadn’t done, he would make me feel bad for not wanting sex, I withdrew from him completely which made him feel even more insecure!! Alot was to do with miss communication … however things escalated because when I left I was so angry and mad at some of the things he had done when I spoke yo my housing officer I was told by people to exaggerate everything that happened to help me get a place… I made things out that weren’t actually happening bending the truth, what made it worse was then I went to my midwife and told her a little big about what had happened and painted my ex to be a really awful man… I made it very clear he was a good dad though and we never argued infront of our child!! My midwife rang social services and they said they just wanted to check up as a concern had been made. My midwife said it was due to me and my son sofa surfing ( we aren’t but was told to say so for housing) so ss rang they asked how things were I can’t remember telling them that much just little bits all while I was being pushed to say things that weren’t true but I didn’t. They asked why my Ex sees our son and I said because there was no concern at all about my sons safety! They didn’t say much else and said that was that!! But now I feel like I’ve really ruined things and may have gone to far. I was mad so wanted to make sure other people were mad at him too… however if I was to go back would my child be put towards social services, would he be taken off me? Would my ex find out I’ve over exaggerated and bent the truth? Could I get in trouble from housing too? Please help