I've Tried Everything, But I Can't Get My 18-MO Baby Off the Bottle: What Should I Do?

I use Nuk cups and Dr. Brown has bottles with the sippy cup spout. It’s harder at night. Just ensure too remove the bottles out of sight because they know the difference. I’m going through the same thing. Everyone has too be on the same page.

My little boy still loved his bottle before bed at over 3 years old. He gave it up in the click of a finger when he was ready. My little girl is over 2 and she still enjoys hers. Not really sure what the issue is. They’re only little for such a short time and if it gives them comfort without causing them harm, so what? :woman_shrugging:


when my youngest turned 1 and didn’t want the sippy I had him watch me throw all his bottles away and fill a cup for when he was finally ready to take it. He fussed some but he did give in.

Why does the doctor want him off the bottle ? He is still only a baby , my daughter will be 3 in December and still had a bottle of milk at night time for bed. You could try cutting the afternoon nap one and spending some more time giving him a wee rock ? Or just offering water ? And once he realise he only getting water he may just refuse himself !

Don’t put so much pressure on your self. Keep introducing the sippy cup. But if he refuses dont push him or itll cause resistant and stress for the both of you. He’ll transition when he’s comfortable and ready.


Get on the same page. We decided a day since his dad gets him half the time. After that day no bottles we threw away all the bottles so he didn’t have a choice. He will get thirsty enough to drink.
Binkies was our problem. My kid was was attached. He got hand foot mouth one day all in his mouth blisters. That was a long week but bc he had the blisters in his mouth he didn’t want his binkies so after the 3rd day I just threw them away so he would forget about them. Long week and hated seeing my kid like that but we got rid of the bink

Throw the bottles away. Give him silly cups if necessary but bad for his teeth at bed time unless it’s just water. Buy a crib tent so he can’t climb out. Put him to bed. Let him play until he falls asleep. They all go thru this. Just depends on the kid as to the timing. Honestly I was over bottles and formula etc and my kids ate just fine so I threw them away at 11 months when I switched over to regular milk. Do what’s right for u but don’t use ur frustration as a means to keep it. Find solutions and try them to see what happens. The crib tent was a life saver for me as both of mine were monkeys on climbing out of the crib.


I had to do it cold turkey and it went a lot better than I anticipated with my first son. He fussed for maybe 3 nights then started sleeping through the night. My second one is a nightmare so he still gets his bottle to fall asleep but once he is asleep he gets one bottle with water in it and that lasts him all night with him still waking up every couple hours at 1.5 years old. My oldest was 2 when I cut him off cold turkey because his teeth were rotting from the milk bottles at night but I didn’t know any better. Thankfully now I do and that’s why I only give water in the bottle through the night. It is hard but it needs done! Mine did not want anything to do with a sippy cup at night. They never took a pacifier they always used their bottle as comfort

There isn’t a one size fits all plan for you or your little ones. If said child only receives a bottle before nap time I say slowly fade it out. Children will always resist change, it’s natural because it feels unnatural to them. Take a solid week and keep reminding him at nap time in x amount of days bottle goes bye bye, at the end of that week cut the nipple in front of him so he can see it no longer works, replace with said sippy cup! A child will never starve themselves or for that matter won’t become dehydrated because said bottle isn’t there, he’ll come around to the idea eventually… but first the seed has to be planted.


I brought my son in for his 18 month check up last month and the nurses were not concerned that he has a bottle for nap and bed. My little guy is the same, he also is just starting to sleep through the night. There is no right or wrong answer, you do what you need to.
I would probably say more to the 2.5 yr mark to push it at least from what I’ve read. But yes you and dad need to be on the same page, I know its hard but maybe when your ready to try, start on your week at the beginning.

This IS YOUR CHILD!!! Each child is different! You can Try what Glynna suggests or wait until child gives You a BIG Hint when HE Is READY!! Just don’t let him have anything BUT water in his bottle during the night to safe guard his teeth!!! Good Luck!!!


Try the sippy with a softer spout. My toddler had a problem transitioning until I did this and we would give him a sippy in his crib. He was initially confused when we switched him to a hard spout so we could eventually move him to cups but he eventually got it.

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Don’t listen to your Dr leave your son have his bottle he is only 18months old a baby still leave him
For another year and he will take the sippy cups betters. You are doing a great job and don’t let this bottle situation make you think any other way x

Apparently my oldest brother was a baby, he had to have a bottle no matter what, as he grew up he didn’t change only the colour had changed to a nice cold brown with a little froth. Then he died from achole.

Getting off the bottle is hard af… Do whatever you want to do! It sucked getting my 2 yr old off the bottle, but it was just me, my dude wasn’t involved so that makes it harder! I just did cold turkey one day and threw the bottles away. Sorry girl! That’s tough!

We used his sippy cup and let him sleep with it. Switched it to water from milk. My mother told us what with my brother she cut the tip of the niple off so he was more drinking it than able to suck on it. A little shorter every day

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With my own children, I replaced the milk with water, in the bottle, when they was roughly a year old, then I replaced the top with straws, so they drank out of straws instead, then once they got used to drinking out of straws in the bottle, I changed the bottle to a little plastic cup, and used the straws in it, while teaching them to drink out of a cup, it worked for me. May not work for all children, but maybe worth having a try.

With all my kids, I started the sippy at 6 months. They make sippy that have nipples and can transition to a spout. You can also let him pick his big boy cup from the store so he’s more likely to drink out if it.

I just made sure I was only giving them water at nap and bedtimes as to not rot their teeth and eventually they just didn’t want it anymore. It is in a way a security to them. They lose it when they’re ready. :heart:

Cold turkey and a cup of water. He might b pissed for a while but he will get over it if your consistent. Please don’t give him cups of anything else at night. Baby bottle rot still happens w a cup. I learned this the hard way w my first son and mannny fillings later in his teeth. My second son has only had one Bc I learned from my mistake!

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My son was 2 when I got the bottle away from him. All my girls were about a year and a half. It all depends on the kid. The doctor doesn’t live with you or raise your son. It is all when you and your son feel comfortable getting rid of the bottle. I seriously don’t recommend letting him have it after 2 and half due to teeth problems as he gets older. ( that’s a proven fact) same as pacifiers and finger sucking. Personally my kids never used a sippy cup simply because they didn’t want to.

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Water in the bottle. If it’s a comfort thing, he will be fine with it. And let him keep it as long as he needs it from there on. It isn’t going to affect him later in life to have something that comforts him now.


My son put his bottle under the car and it got ran over and I told him bottle went bye bye the othe son was sick and the doctors said the bottle was causing it so I took him off the bottle at 18 months. My granddaughter is on sippy cups but going to regular cups now 2 1/2

My daughter is 19 months, and we’re down to 1 bottle before bedtime. I think the biggest thing is brushing their teeth after the bottle. As a Pre-K teacher I have seen way too many children with bottle rot on their teeth. You are doing great mama! People are always going to judge.

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By one year my kids all had all their teeth so a bottle can ruin the teeth & ive seen it happen
Stop at age one

Use a soft sippy cup
Ask your pediatrician & dentist

Yes baby needs dentist age 1 or cavities can happen & yes again I’ve seen it happen


Cold turkey. It will be hard at first but just stick with it. It will pass.
Baby should be off the bottle by 12 mos. because it will start rotting teeth, so the sooner the better.
Sounds like you’re a good mom. Kudos on your awesome bedtime routine. Dad definitely needs to get on board.


2 kids, both off the bottle before 12 months…Put water only in the bottle and all other drinks in a cup. He will fuss, but after a couple nights and it will be all done! Good luck. Plus, if he needs the bottle it won’t decay his teeth with just water.

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You may not believe in old ways of using signs but I broke all my kids by taking their bottle( didn’t substitute with pacifier which is harder to take) when the signs go from the feet to the head. No bottle that night and none after. Used for bottle and breast. Worked for both. My kids were twenty two months apart and never had two on bottle or in diapers. Had five.

Both my girls quit their bottle around 1 yrs which I just gave them sippy cup instead of bottle and some how they just took it without questioning, then they just quit right away…

Both of them were not into pacifier either. My older one use it till 1, but only suck it once a little while and the more I gave her, they more she got piss off… My younger one just never use it… I tried to give it to her, but she would looked as she got choke and wanted to throw up, so I just gave up:

First you and dad need to get on the same page.
Maybe try.
Second, put 1/2oz of milk and 8 Oz of water in the bottle. Then during the day give him 100% milk in his sippy cup. He will start to identify the bottle is nasty and the sippy cup is good. Then after a few days…: throw all the bottles away. Let him help you do that.


My twins were using bottles past 2. All grown normal, perfectly fine. My one twin made straight a all throughout school and other wasn’t far behind him. It will be fine. Just mite not be ready

What I did was wait until I absolutely KNEW she wanted milk (bottle) and gave her a sippy cup and that’s how I did it I believe she was 16 months or so. Dont let anyone or anything get to you about him being 18 months! Sometimes babies just know when they’re ready for something new! :blue_heart::blush:

I took the bottle away from my first son at 1 andy second son at 11 months. Basically for me, once they start showing signs of maturing (walking, using a regular cup or sippy cup, eating solid foods rather than baby foods)

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My kids were 11-12 months.
No more milk for bedtime/naps. Brushing teeth before bedtime. Put water in a bottle if you have to. He Should be having milk in a sippy cup and eating three meals a day plus snacks.


The more you encourage him with that sippy cup sitting there the better. Sometimes you have to do what is right by teaching them. Even if they cry. They get over it

So my baby wouldn’t give up the bottle at nap or bed time so I bought soft spout dr brown sippy spouts and replaced the bottle nipple with them

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Around 9m our son decided not to take a bottle from Daddy. He didn’t really like any sippy cups we tried. He would only take milk straight from the tap. Eventually we had success with the 360 cups, I don’t recall if it’s NUK or Munchkin. Stay tough Momma, you and baby are doing just fine.

I have 3 kids and as soon as they were 12 months I took the bottle away, I only used the bottle for formula or breast milk. Anything else was in a sippy. Bed time was definitely rough for a while but they got over it eventually. It’s tough but you can’t give in.

The bottle was my baby’s comfort zone so they were 2. I felt terrible but they didn’t have pacis. So that was their comfort!

We started introducing a sippy cup when my daughter was 6 months, but still used a bottle. We got a few different sippy cups for her to try right before her 1st Birthday and she took a sippy cup from her 1st Birthday on (she also immediately switched to whole milk).

Curious as to when the pediatricians tell nursing moms to cut that off :face_with_raised_eyebrow: I’m going to guess they don’t say a world on that subject but they sure do force the removal of bottle and diapers.

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I have 3 girls each one different, each had there own time time getting off the bottle. Be patient he will give it up!

My baby is 23 months old and still on 2 bottles a day. I’m so afraid she won’t sleep well without it before her nap & bedtime. I dread seeing her Dr at her 2 year appointment. She’s wanted her off the bottle since 1 year old.

I gave our son a sippy cup anytime he ate to get him use to it. You can also ween in stages like nap then the next day at night time the next day at night time then off it. It will take adjusting on all ends but stay strong mama you got this :baby_bottle:

Bottle or sippy cup because my 14 month old still drinks from sippy cups with the hard top… I’m trying to free him… And I took my son off the bottle when he turned 1 I think… I just stopped it took like 3 days… Give him the cup when he isn’t super hungry, put something besides milk in it, water down juice or water… Keep offering it through out the day, hide bottles if they see it… That’s a relapse lol

I put only water in the bottle. Milk or juice went in cups. He had a few rough nights and then was over it.

I took my sons away and gave him a sippy with a soft nipple. Did that for a few weeks and then moved onto a regular sippy cup. Not every kid can be taught the same but its an idea if you want to try it.

Try getting your child a great sippy cup make it fun take him shopping for it, let him pick it out make it a celebration. Worked for me.

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Throw them away. It’s the easiest way in the long run. Also the sugar in milk has the potential to affect their little teeth.

Mine is now 23 months and i just made the transition to only 1 bottle a day. I used to give 1 bottle in the morning and 1 at night. I made my eldest play longer in the evening and give some water and a sandwich. Now she only gets 1 bottle in the morning. She falls vast asleep in the evening

10 months with both my kids i just put formula in sippy cups but they adjusted fine. Some babies just love their bottles like a paci. We used NUK silicone nipple sippy cup. One way I got rid of paci was cut the nipple in half long ways my son couldn’t suck on it n eventually gave up but had long week of crying. You maybe able to do that with bottle? If not, just have to be consistent n just have a miserable week lolol they will get over it but soo frustrating n stressful for us parents! Lol

I had my boy on a bottle until he wanted to try a cup. He was about 3ish when he gave up his sleepy time bottles. Dont stress. Let ur little boy guide u :sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart:

I took all 3 of mines bottle as soon as they hit a year old. By then mine were drinking from sippy cups anyway so we threw all bottles out in their first birthdays.

Started 11 and a half months by combining formula with milk in Small and Smaller doses til formula amount is completely gone. (Breastfeeding is different) and he was done and switched by his birthday.

Introduced cup around 9 months only gave bottle when first waking up and going to bed. On all 3 of my children’s 1st birthdays they got their last bottle that morning. Never had an issue.

I cut the end off the nipple and told him it ws broke. cries a little but drank from his cup. Just be strong do not give in.

Just have to keep giving him the sippy cup when he sees he’s that’s all he’s gonna get he’ll start taking it

Pacifiers gone at 6 months bottles gone at 12 months. Potty trained at 14 months for my daughter and 16 months for my boys. Just toss them all away.

If the child isn’t off by 3yrs it could cause problems with their teeth…

My son was old enough to want a sippy or try a regular cup, just over a 14 months… So I threw his bottles out and gave him a sippy.

We used the Nuk bottles, and they have a trainer nipple that is shaped like a sippy cup spout. I think anything that is anywhere close to a nipple will help. And you will probably buy so many sippy cups to find the right one, but it will come!!

We tried what we call “half way bottles” where it’s shaped like a bottle and has a sippy cup nipple but soft like a bottle. And that helped ween are son from bottle to sippy! We started that at 12 months.

My kids were off the bottle when they turned one sippy cups is all they got. The binky was a different story. Lol

We are off bottle almost completely! We tried using a silicone top for the sippy cup,so they still
Get the comfort but more growth

My son was ten months old we got him the sippy cups with the rubber top

All 3 of my kids gave up bottles at a year. Started them on sippy cups with straws.

My daughter was 10 months old I threw them out and only gave her cups but started introducing cups to her at 6 months old. My son is now 6 months and has his cups now and will also be off the bottle at 10 months old

Don’t rush him to grow up. They’re only babies a very short time. When he’s ready he will give it up on his own🥰

We wean ours around 11 months BUT every child & Situation is different :blue_heart:

My sons 17 months and my daughter is 3 in December and both have bottles for bed and nap time it’s their comfort and they will come off when they are both ready

We went from a bottle to a juice box type silly cup. As long as it had milk, he was happy.

About a year old. I no longer made it an option. If they’re thirsty they will use a sippy cup. You might have to try a few different ones.

Everyday all I did was play a game with the sippy cup find a teddy or pretend play with it get him to follow suit might help

Buy a sippy cup with a none spill teat i brought my little one when he was 6 months just for juice n he loves it he still has 2 bottle 1 in morning and bed on stage 3 milk

Switched water to bottle and milk to sippy cup! Definitely helped since he associated bottle with water

My son is 22 month and still gets the bottle ( toddler milk) morning, nap and bed time !
I just brush his teeth afterwards.
No stress :sunglasses:

At exactly when they each turned 1 year

Try different sippy brands, I had to try about 7 different ones till I found one that my son would take. He now uses the Nuk learner

The last bottle for all my kids was the night of their 1st birthday. Cold turkey. All my kids did fine.

I gave my first daughter whatever was in the bottle slightly watered down more and more each time

I was lucky…both of mine were off the bottle by 1 yr. But binkies were a problem!

how about getting rid of a pacifer,that shit looks bad lazy moms dont want to upset their snowflakes so they continue to let their child use them,

Domwhat is comfortable
To you
And child…
I breast fed until 2,
Lots of criticisms
But mom
And child make that decision.

2 years. It was tough though

Put only water in the baby bottles. Put milk or watered down juice in sippy cups. That way they want the cups over the bottles

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12 months. It can mess with their teeth. Plus its lazy to keep them on a bottle when they can get a sippy.

When mine were 1. They didnt get a bottle after their first birthday. It was a long week but got it done.

9-10 months took my kids off bottle they used trainer cups

Roughly 11 months. Sippy cups, never went to bed with bottle or cup.

When they throw the bottle, that’s it. Around 2.

My sons neatly 3 and still has a bottle to sleep, you do what works for you

We switched to a sippy that had a nipple like top it was soft the nuk brand.

Mine was 12 months old drinking out of those 360 rim cups.

My daughter chose on her own at 2 1/2

He was off at 9 months old. Didn’t want it, he wanted to eat what I had…

Use water in the bottle or add something to the nipple of the bottle so he can get a weird nasty taste and won’t like it

Nuk makes some with bottle tip that switch to sippy cup how I did it

My daughter was off the bottle at 9 months

Fuck what your doc says he’ll do it in his own time or try a dummy my son is three still with a dummy for bed xx

Mines three still has a bottle before bed :woman_shrugging:t4: