Just got diagnosed with Cholestasis...advice?

OB told me I have Cholestasis today. I’m 30 weeks pregnant and will be getting induced in 7 weeks. Is there anything i can do or eat to lower my levels?? Things I should avoid??


Reducing the high fat in your diet can help such as lowering your dairy, oil and red meat. I had cholestasis with my first and didn’t find an awful lot of relief. However they kept a close eye on me and the baby for the remainder of my pregnancy so I felt confident in knowing I was getting the care we needed.
I had pre-eclampsia also so a dreadful birth but the cholestasis was not a factor of the birth and my symptoms cleared up very quickly afterwards

Stay positive you will overcome. My sister Susan has stage 4 breast cancer as diagnosed with lymph nodes, liver and lung and later developed a rare form called Medullary thyroid cancer. That was a couple of years later, she had 4 bone marrow transplant, chemo and radiation therapy, in which all were unsuccessful then she was given 2 months or less to live but she somehow battled her way back from the brink and the good new, she is in complete remission after taking natural medication we ordered from Dr edith herbal treatment I have to help him share this Incase you have given up alread visit his Facebook page below👇

I had it and discovered it at 36 weeks when blood work came back! I had him a week later because my levels were high enough to be concerned