Just wondering if anyone has dealt with Vitiligo?

If so what do you use or take to help it? Google says vitamins help but many different ones. Anyone know what works? Or actually helps?

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Just wondering if anyone has dealt with Vitiligo?

My boyfriend and I both have it. Avoid being in the sun to much. Also be careful with certain chemicals, as it can make it worse. Not a lot can be done to help it.

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Just wondering if anyone has dealt with Vitiligo?

Had this as a teen. There is a black soap I used to clear it. Don’t remember the name but it was gritty like Lava. There is also a liquid version that is also black in color.

I have it n I don’t do anything


That is a pigment disorder, there’s not alot you can do for that.


I’ve used nothing it comes and goes , drs wanted to give me steroids under my skin. Nope 🙅🏻 lol it’s just a color , love the skin you’re in :heart:

My daughter has it, we have a special cream from a dermatologist which costs about $80. The cream has stop the spread. Vitilago is an auto immune disease so my daughter was tested for other auto immune conditions like diabetes and thyroid issues.

I’ve had it on my thigh since birth. There is no health problem. What’s the issue?

It’s caused by stress. Eating snake will stop it from spredding. Ex has it and my son. It does work.

My son has this absolutely nothing you can do to prevent it, best help is applying strongest sunscreen at all times as the wite patches burn badly very very easily

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Just wondering if anyone has dealt with Vitiligo?

You need a dermatologist for some treatments.
Topical corticosteroids are used but you need a prescription for them.
I found this but again, you really need a dermatologist. :pensive:
“Vitiligo: Diagnosis and treatment” Vitiligo: Diagnosis and treatment

Ketaconazole Shampoo & Body Wash is what the dermatologist prescribed for me.

My newphew had it and used coconut oil and head and shoulders shampoo.

I have vitiligo and I remember all sorts of creams and light therapy I went through as a little girl, but nothing seemed to work. As I’ve gotten older it’s gone away in some areas, but I have gotten new patches in others. It’s a mystery really. :woman_facepalming:t2: also where you have it and what type of vitiligo you have plays a part.

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I’ve had vitiligo basically my whole life. It’s an autoimmune condition so topical stuff is always a temporary help if any.
Truth is, there is no real cure. It also depends on what the origin of it is.
I have symmetrical vitilgo. Stress makes I spread.
And if I cut myself and cause trauma to the skin, it will leave a patch
And then I will get a matching one on the other side of my body even though there was no trauma.
I was diagnosed at 4years old. And I’m 33 year. I’m at a point where it’s just a part of me now.


Hello :wave:
I have vitiligo. It’s an autoimmune disease so unfortunately there’s really no cure. You can go through waves of it settling and no further spread but that’s about it. Creams can help with appearance of the skin but don’t expect pigmentation to come back. It’s all about acceptance really.

Be cautious in the sun and always wear sunscreen, hats etc
There are medications available and you can go on immune suppressants but then you risk side effects of taking medication. :woman_shrugging:

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Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Just wondering if anyone has dealt with Vitiligo?

I’ve had vitiligo for most of my 60 years. There are fad treatments that pop up every once in a while and I’ve tried many, but nothing works. It gets worse over time. You can use makeup to cover it temporarily. I’ve come to terms with it and it’s much easier that way.


Sorry, but after 30 years I haven’t found anything that helps. There is specific makeup that covers well. I get it at Macys. Just try to make peace with it & be sure to wear sunscreen on it.


I have lived with it all of my life. If you find out any thing let me know. I have tried vitamins and nothing worked for me.

I’ve had it since early teens. The best thing is to prevent tanning. The contrast will make it show up more. Get over it, it doesn’t hurt.

I have vitiligo but it doesn’t bother me at all.


It is sometimes associated with thyroid, see a dermatologist bc steroid creams and injections cN sometimes help if start at 1st sign

look into the vitiligo site there is a topical cream that can be compounded.

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There are steroid cream treatments that you can get from a dermatologist that supposedly help to slow it down(not stop it), but I honestly saw no difference. My daughter has made her peace with it, if someone asks her about the one on her eye she says it’s her magic eye, if they ask about anywhere else she says, oh they’re just my spots.

I do make sure to put extra sunscreen on her because she seems to burn way easier and faster than my other kids.

:woman_facepalming::roll_eyes: I get a tan in the sun. Google says vitamins will help, but what do you think?

It is melanin, thays it. If you don’t like the look then use makeup to cover it. :roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

Do you mean virtigo? If so I’ve had it .my sisters husband n friends.i told them how I got rid of it.

Physico therpy as different types

Go to doctors and cheaply eats you may have a ear ineffection

I got vitiligo that started 3 yrs ago. Started where it couldn’t be seen. Last year started on my arms. This year hands , foot and knees…
I laughed when my obgyn seen it and said they could treat it … 2 yrs ago

Hi.There is little you can do but help it along.This is a pigment condition . The outer layer of the skin will continue to shed

I’ve had vitiligo all over my body for 11 years. There really isn’t anything that really works to get rid unfortunately. I’ve learnt to embrace my patches and actually really quite like them now. Maybe book an appointment with your doctor as it is an autoimmune disease and they may want to run some bloods to check nothing else is going on x

I had really bad eczema that is almost gone just in 1 month I drink Kangen water and spray the beauty water on my skin. Kangen water improves your overall health and has helped so many people with problems and health issues like this. I’m super happy about my investment and I hope to teach others about it as well. Please message me if you would like to learn more

It’s an autoimmune disorder, usually initially bought on by stress. There’s very little you can do to help it but it’s essential to wear a high sun cream even on overcast days. The skin has no protection where the melonin is missing. My husband started with it aged 40, it was actively getting worse for around 4 years then stopped progressing. For the ladies there are specialist cosmetics to hide the condition

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FB has a Vitiligo Support Group I have had it to 30 yrs and my daughter who is now 30 has it. I’ve seen every specialist in the world. It doesn’t go away. It comes and goes in spots but no medication has worked. My advice see a dermatologist that knows and understands vitiligo many don’t. Ask before you go.
They will give you ointments to try but they are a bother some and don’t work. Stay out of the sun it spreads it. And a must wear sunscreen 50 and a hat especially where the sun hits your body and vitiligo. Sun burn around your vitiligo gets bubble gum pink. B12 shots have slowed my down recently but I’m not sure if that will help you. I worried for years about myself and my children. But you won’t die it’s a skin condition. But it does come with other autoimmune problems that’s why your doctor should know. Mine is rheumatoid arthritis. Which is just now affecting me a little. Don’t be scared. Contact me if you need too.


There aren’t a lot of medications right now
But they have clinical trials for them just nothing FDA approved
I work for a dermatologist that runs clinical trials for it
But not sure what state you guys are located in
I’m in RI

Just a fraction of mine. I have spots everywhere and I do mean EVERYWHERE…:flushed: creams can slow it. But nothing stops it or reverses it.

Cut as much stress as you can and find a good dermatologist. Corticosteroid creams and emollients will help but if really does have a mind if its own :woman_shrugging:

I got it at sixty five due to my thyroid shutting down… I try creams that the dermatologist prescribed but didn’t work

Try Xtra it work very well for my sister-in-law she had it forever gat the X tra and is all gone

See a physical therapist that specializes in vestibular therapy.

I get it and can’t seem to shake it off.

Dermablend available in USA and UK is an established Company. They are corrective make up for pigmentation, birth marks etc. Ask to try it at a counter if you are not sure.

Lavender. And meditation.

Benadryl oral 25 to 50mg helped with mine

Read Anthony William’s books. He explains the cause and cure for vitiligo. You’ll be surprised to find out how easy it is to cure.

Talk to a dermatologist

Physical therapy to teach certain maneuvers to stop it. Worked great.

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