Kid bedroom ideas?

My son is 15 months. I’m loving these Montessori baby room themes, especially the floor beds. How early is too early to switch to a floor bed? When did you take your baby from a crib and put them into a toddler bed?


My son is 18 months and we moved him to a toddler bed because he was climbing out of his crib and hurting himself we got one that has sides so he can roll off the bed but he loves that he can get in and out by himself

About 15 months I think is when we converted our sons bed to a toddler bed

My daughter was about 15 months. She learned how to get out of her crib. Just make sure the room is baby proofed.

When they started trying to climb out of their crib


When my 15month old kept trying to climb out we converted. Then I put a tall baby gate in front of his door. He transitioned very well.

My girl was 16 months when we switched to a toddler bed. She’s now 3 and sleeps in a twin.

My baby will be 2 next Friday and hes still in a crib we discuss that once he figures out how to climb out the crib we will then switch until then no rush but it’s totally when you feel that hes ready


Our daughter was 14ish months. We have a toddler bed and a mattress on the floor. So she switches it up where she sleeps all the time.

My kids have been in toddler beds since 15 months