Kid friendly activities?

Hello mommies
I have a 2 year old and a 5 week old
What are some things that you do with your 2 kids that’s easy. I feel like we are In the house 24/7 lately and I feel bad for my 2 year old. We go to the park here and there but it’s so hot we really can’t go to the park till about 7pm. Also what are some activities you do at home? Thank you :blue_heart:


Interested to know too, I live in Texas so its hotter than hell in here :hot_face:

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Kiddie pool at your house, we use an old water sprinkler to play in too, we gave my toddlers ice to play with… we froze zip locs full of water, peeled the plastic away and let them play with it, finger painting and play doh was a go too here when the kids were small

I live in AZ it was 115 yesterday :joy: I have a 4 year old and 9 month old…we do early morning park trips, during the heat we are inside, playdough, coloring, painting, reading, and other learning activities. My son lives to water or plants after dinner (7pm ish) them we go for a walk around the block, usually he’s on his bike lol. Splash pad parks are fun depending on your area.

Kiddie pools are great, put a kiddie pool up with an umbrella for shade. Grab a fan and point it in your direction with the baby to keep you two cool while watching the toddler…kids museums or indoor playgrounds…malls usually have indoor play areas…

Water table, sand box, kiddie pool, sprinkler fun, sidewalk chalk, bubbles, walks around the neighborhood and to local playgrounds.

That’s how i feel in central Oregon. It’s either soooo hot or snowing and both are a bitch when you have babes

If you are wanting to leave the house I would reach out to the community about public play groups. If you have a McDonald’s or Burger King that has a play area set up meets with friends that have kids (or even friend that don’t) and be in the AC. You can have adult conversation while your oldest is entertained. Can even go after a meal and just buy ice cream. Which is cheap in either place. Not sure where you are from but that’s what I do in the summer time when outside is unbearable. Museums are a good place too. We do a lot outdoors during the summer but when the heat gets to us this is what we do.