Kids birthday party ideas?

I need advice, my daughter is turning a year old in a few weeks. What are some good ideas for her first birthday? I want to do something HUGE for her first birthday. I need ideas I am thinking about Buffalo NY Rochester NY area for things to do with her.


I did the same for my sons 1st birthday, went big. Cupcakes, smash cake, rented a place, toys…he could have cared less. Lol. He turned 2 today and got to pick out his own Spider-Man decorations and it was way more meaningful this year

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Is she into any cartoons? My daughter had a princess party and enjoyed all the colors lol

The bigger you do this one the bigger they ALL seem like they have to be. I mean really is this for her or you and family and friends. Have a nice little get together and enjoy your daughter ! my opinion.:heart:


It’s honestly up to you she is not going to remember it anyway huge first birthday parties are more for the parents so just celebrate her how you want to


My question is why. She’s 1. She won’t know what it’s all about or for, it’s for you. If you have that kind of money than fine but be honest, it’s for you not your daughter.

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Save the huge parties for when she’s much older and for the more special years, like sweet 16. Do a small get together with close friends and family. Going to the park, science museum, indoor pool are all good ideas.

Save the party until she is older and understands they can’t care less at that age…

In our house it doesn’t matter the age birthday parties are HUGE! We go all out even more so than Christmas or any other holiday. Your birthday is the one holiday you don’t share and is solely to celebrate that child. I have always dreamed of throwing a little girls party lol I’m a boy momma over here but we love all the Disney things. Little mermaid or a beauty and the beast or Alice in wonderland tea party :heart_eyes: who care if it’s just for you when your kid is 1. Your money your choice and I say GO FOR IT!


I did a princess theme for my older daughters first. Not Disney princess, just plain princess.
For my second daughter I did pumpkin theme because it was October. You can try something around whatever season it is too since one year old are not really “into” anything.

I just gave my daughter a little princess party. She had a cute dress with a tutu and a crown. I did some decorations and the cake to match. That’s about it. It was cute but you don’t have to go over the top.

Theres the zoo in both places they host parties. Other than that in rochester is Museum and adventure landing but she’s still a little young for that

Waste of money. Not only will they not remember it, but if you do something big and out of the ordinary you will probably end up with a scared little baby who just wants to cry and cuddle.

At 1 they like wrappers to the gifts you buy them, they dont care for a huge party then. I didn’t do big birthdays till they was in school and wanted ALL their friends there.

I bought her a cake some ballons and she was super happy

She’s not gunna remember the party anyways save your time, money and effort for when she is older and will remember it. That is the age where they like the cardboard box better than the gift

I did a circus theme and hired a clown. It was so fun!!! I went all out on the dessert/ snack table and also we did carnival games.

We will be Doing a big oarty for my sons 1st in July. Ages 1, 5,10, 13,16,18 and 21 are all big parties in my family. We are just having food, friends, family and presents.