Ladies would this be a problem?

I’ve been with my husband going on three years when we met he was friends with his ex girlfriend whom which he was with for just under a year he continued the friendship with her as they were coworkers. Months into our relationship we were drinking and he sent her a text message saying he missed her loved her and felt bad for the way things ended. When I saw the message he told me that he was just messed up and he did not mean any of that. Fast forward two years I have told him I do not want him to be friends with her or text her as it makes me feel uncomfortable because of the past. He continues to speak with her even though I have voiced my opinion on the matter various times at this point I feel completely disrespected. His response to me telling him this stuff is why do I go through his phone. I do go through his phone when I have a gut feeling and I’m usually right. I need some honest responses am I overreacting. Obviously there are trust issues there as he has cheated on me a few times none that I am aware of since we have been married but nonetheless. I don’t know if I should even invest more time into this relationship. This is my second marriage

I don’t think you’re overreacting AT ALL. Friendship would be hard enough but he clearly has more feelings for her than that. I’m sorry, that’s shitty.