Laryngomalacia and acid reflux

Have any moms dealt with a child having laryngomalacia and acid reflux? My son is having a hard time gaining weight and we are unsure why but if he doesn’t gain more weight they are going to run tests for failure to thrive. Have any moms had a child who was considered failure to thrive what’s it like and can they eventually outgrow it?


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My older son has both. He had severe failure to thrive where he required a gtube for feeds for some time. We then started feeding therapy and he started to do so much better! He eventually got the gtube removed and is doing amazing now! He was diagnosed as an infant and is now 5 and doing amazing. He is on the smaller side now but his bmi is normal so they are happy.

Yeah my 4 year old, nothing wrong with him hit all milestones he was just small he’s still small now x

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My son was a failure to thrive…not to scare you bit he ended up having some major health issues so he was the worst case which isn’t normally the usually but even with him being the worse case situation and giving 6 months to live by the time he was 2 he is now a 18 year old young man who is 6 feet tall and in no way a failure to thrive now

My daughter did. She had both of these. She was not a failure to thrive though. She eventually grew out of both of these things.

My eldest step son is. My step daughter isn’t exactly failure to thrive but because of her adhd medications, she was considered it.

My eldest son is 14 now. He’s still failure to thrive. He had been since he was born prematurely and had many surgeries to resolve his intestinal issues. He is on a lot of supplements. He has routine check ups and routine lab work. He drinks boosts, 2Cal, has vitamins, and must have a High fat diet and high calorie intake. He also is on a medication that makes him feel hungry, which helps.

My step daughter just has to have an eating supplement to make her hungry and she will eat. We just have to routinely check her weight at the docs and make sure she maintains it.

The trick is high fat, and high caloric meals when they are hungry since most times, they don’t feel hungry. And maintaining the vitamins and keeping those levels up.

As far as “outgrowing” it…it’s a matter of the body and brain. Can their body retain what they need or not? Can they make sure as they get older to make the better food options for their bodies, maintain vitamins…etc.

Good luck, hope this helps.

My son had both- he’s 17 now, 6ft tall and like 200lbs. We used something called thick it in his formula to keep him from choking and. He was also on enfamil AR to keep his reflux down and acid low. He also had sleep apnea and all of it corrected itself as he got older! He used to see speech therapist for the choking while eating. I hope all goes well!

My son deals with both and he is 5 months but he doesn’t struggle with gaining weight. When he was smaller, we had to slow down feeding (he would get so mad :sweat_smile:) and burp him a lot then sit him down for at least 20 mins to make sure he didn’t spit up. I switched him to AR from Gentlease since formula was so hard to find and it seemed like that made it worse but I have him on Gentlease again and he’s doing a lot better on it plus with the meds. He was even on meds with AR.

He has his follow up appointment on Monday so I’m curious to see if it’s gotten better or worse since his 2 month check up but It’s more noticeable now and he reminds me of a goose honking so we will see :face_with_spiral_eyes:.
He’s gonna love getting the camera shoved down his nose again :smiling_face_with_tear: