Legit work from home jobs?

Hi mamas! Needing some advice… Since the pandemic began, I’ve been home sheltering my high-risk kiddo. We obviously opted for distance learning when school started. And he’s done so well! But the time has come to look at sources of income. We desperately need a new car for me, and we’re looking at paying off a small bit of debt on top of our regular household bills. So my question for all your stay-at-home mamas is, what kind of work can I do to have some income? I’m not much of a saleswoman, and sadly I don’t have a college degree. Is there honestly anything out there that I could safely do from home while continuing to keep my kiddo safe? We’re looking into the future also, as this messy pandemic doesn’t look like it’s going away anytime soon. Help? Thank you all so much in advance!


Hi there, I currently work as a charge entry technician for a medical office from home. I’ve also worked for a health insurance company(not sales) as an administrative specialist. If you look on indeed you can search for remote jobs too, there are lots these days :slightly_smiling_face:


New asurion has work from home call center work. Vxi does as well. And so does cox communications depending on where you live. All 40 hours all have great insurance. All call center work.

I would say progressive auto insurance has great work from home positions

Most hospitals billing department is from home. Usually you don’t deal with the patients but with the insurance companies and getting the bills paid by them. It usually is make your own hours and it does not require a degree.


Service and support phone jobs. Companies like Concentrix, Arise, Sitel, Working Solutions, etc are all legit companies that help provide support services for many large companies throughout the world.

Day care. So many parents looking for somewhere safe to take their kids.

I recommend joining Rat Race Rebellion and WAH Job Queen on Facebook…

If you can do data entry, it can often be done at home.

I’ve been asking the same question for a long time. I just had my second child on April 20th and want to work from home so bad so I can be here with the kids but I can’t find anything. Most companies want you to work in the office for 1-5 years before they will even consider it and I don’t want that. I would honestly rather not work than have to work away from home.

Check “Work From Home Lounge” Facebook page and Ratrace Rebellion.

Have you considered prostitution. ?

I’ve turned my hobby into a job. I paint cement yard statuary for folks. It’s not much but I have my toddler with me during the day and make my own hours.

Work from Home | Teleperformance Global :relaxed::kissing_heart:

If you have a good internet connection, check out teletech.com. Lots of jobs for mommas!

Email jowilliean.san[email protected] . I believe its $15 or $17 an hour. Remote work. Not sure what it consists of tbh i was told from a friend to apply. This is a temporary job though