Living with my mother in law and just needing to vent

I really just need to vent. I, my son, and my bf of almost three years are currently living with his parents. We are working on getting a place, but it’s been a slow process. His dad is as cool as hell. But his mother… This woman treats her son and husband like shit. They’re used to it, I guess, but living here and seeing it has driven me nearly insane. We buy food and stuff for the house and help any way we can while also saving for a place and now Christmas and taking care of my son. Nothing is ever good enough for her, though. Bills are constantly behind as is her car payment, which is ruining her husband’s credit, but it’s always someone else fault even though she’s the one taking the bill money to go on shopping sprees and spending tons at the bingo hall all the time. Their house has so many problems like the oven and central heat not working along with half the outlets, but she refused to get the landlord to fix anything, and it’s always a different reason why and she has let us know that if we contact the landlord ourselves, then she will kick us out. Every time she walks into the house, she starts bitching at someone for something. Never fails. She fusses about our cat making noise at night after she’s the one who got it for us as a surprise, but let’s her little dog do whatever and won’t even take him outside or clean up after him, so we have to constantly be on the lookout for pee puddles and dog shit that she just stares at until someone else cleans it. I am losing my mind!!! Talking to her doesn’t work. Facts don’t work. Arguing with her doesn’t work. There isn’t much I can do about any of it except keep saving and get out of here as soon as possible, but until then, please dear lord pray for us! I’m gonna have a nervous breakdown or something before this over.


I would live under a damn bridge before I moved in with my parents, his parents, or anyone’s parents. Sorry not sorry. you live mixed, you gotta take the bumps.

On the day you move out just slap her with a wad of cash and cut ties.


Prayers and lots of them

There really isn’t much you can do but get out! And asap!


Forget Xmas! Use the money to move!


Miserable people love to make people miserable along with them.

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Breath, and just breath again

Move, and take the father with u!! Leave her ass alone, lol

Is there anyone else in his or your family that you guys can stay with and save up

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Seems to me like somebody needs to put thier foot down

Be grateful you have a place to stay.


She sounds like a narcissist everything you said is her doing. Obviously, she’s not going to change so just move it along and move out ASAP.


Somebody needs to say something to her… Omg

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Get out of there! Seriously drives me crazy when grown adults move in with parents to save up for a house! Grow up!


She is an attention seeker. Nothing more.

Sounds like she may have a gambling & shopping addiction. Chances are good she’s behind on rent as well.

Get yourselves out & independent quickly & tell husband he better get her some help before he & the son end up homeless & hungry over it.

Absolutely get OUT NOW not later, don’t wait to save. Rent a short lease Apartment. Go stay with a friend or Rent a small place temporarily… Get put ASAP dont wait Just GOooo…


Praying for you. Hope you get your own place real soon

So many questions, do you work, do you clean the house, do you pay rent. How long have you lived there, maybe she plays bingo to get away from you. Maybe dad said sure live there ( that’s why you think he’s super cool ) and mom said hell no and you ruined their marriage.


Yeah. You need your oi wn place. Use every dollar you have and go.

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Discusting prayer for you and fam

No offense but you are in NO position to talk about HER spending or how she runs HER place.


The bigger question is why are y’all grown asses living with her? You’ve been there for 3 years so it can’t be that damn bad. What’s wrong with you and your mate where you guys couldn’t get your own place? Even if it’s just a 1 bedroom and you have to get a sofa bed for your son
at least you would have your own.:woman_shrugging:t4::woman_facepalming:t4:

All of these things sound horrible BUT she is letting you and your family live at HER house so you should be thankful either way. I mean if it wasn’t for her you guys would probably be out on the streets. I live with my boyfriends grandparents & trust me there have been many times that I have wanted to leave but then I remember they are letting my boyfriend, me & our daughter live here rent free until we are able to afford our own place & they also help us out with baby necessities & anything else we might need if we can’t afford it at the moment. Be grateful


I would just try to get out of their fast as I can :grimacing:

KJust get out as soon as possible after 5 years it’s time to rent a place of your own than live like that ,Go

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Hang in there and keep saving so you can get out


Instead of bitching on Facebook you should really be figuring out how to get more money and get out of her house. The fact that you are ranting on here and not doing something to get yourself out of HER house clearly shows you are no better then her :woman_shrugging:t2:

Misery loves company and this woman has obviously buried herself in her miserable attitude and wants to share with everyone. Try to set a deadline for yourselves to get out, having a light at the end of the tunnel can help you put up with something that might otherwise have you snapping.

I feel this like :upside_down_face:

Don’t get me wrong i am grateful to have a place to stay but its 8-9 soon to be 9-10 people living in a 3 bed, one bath with two dogs and a whole bunch of horaded stuff. And my MIL ironically loves to guilt her boys to not move out and give her stuff. She also will freely take my stuff(including my food, both times while i was pregnant& she gloats about it)

I just count the days until i move out while breathing and it helps me


Some of y’all are saying things like this person is ungrateful because she’s living in her mother-in-law’s house, and while it is true she lives there, there IS such a thing as being a decent person. Y’all have low standards if this goes on in your house :joy::sleeping::yawning_face:


See you can’t say all this while still living in HER house. Get your ass out THEN you can talk shit lol.

I’m confused, got confused at the first sentence. You said need to vent about mother in law. Ok but mother in laws are usually formed after you marry your spouse.
So living at your husbands folks house with your boyfriend and son. Well your lucky your husband doesn’t leave your ass but I bet movie night at that house is soooooo much fun

Kill the mother, simple fix


Jerri Laird Yancey #countingourblessings

The lady sounds like she needs help and not to be bitched about on social media from someone she is allowing to stay in her house. I get that some of the things you have said will be frustrating, but… perhaps just deal with it and be grateful whilst she is helping you both by letting you live in her house whilst saving to buy your own??


Honestly id apply for low income housing at an apartment complex and then try to savw after you move there. It seems like your sanity is more important than this womens bullshit.

Youre doing the right thing. Save. Save and save. For now you have nowhere to go so you have to endure it. Hope days will get better. She’s hopeless. Anyway, her house her rule. Just be thankful that she let you stay there.

Save every penny you guys have and move out. There are resources available. Use them!

I’d be miserable there too…BUT it is HER house and you really can’t say anything. Just try to leave asap!


If I was the husband I think I’d put her nose in her dam dogs poop


What about your parents …?
Any chance you could move in with them?
Also until situation gets more stable…maybe hold off on having more children…


Three years is a really long time to come up with first and last. Do you and your boyfriend work? I can’t help but feel there is something missing from this post.


Ok but a broken Oven, no heat throughout the place, dog pissing and shitting everywhere I’d be pissed off too. They should be able to live somewhere with those things and it being sanitary. Just yuck!!! His mom sounds like a quack

Apply for public housing

Save some more and if you can find another job so you can move out. As it is now, it is her house, her rules.

I would try to find somewhere else as soon as you can, because it sounds like she’s late on the rent if she’s not contacting him to fix anything. That would be rough if you guys were all kicked out during winter. I’m sure it would be someone else’s fault. The dog shit and piss is not healthy for anyone in the house. How does someone live like that?? :nauseated_face:

Don’t say nothing it’s her house she’s not right or something is going on with her or more to the story do what you can to help her she need help too remember maybe she needs you more than you need her the dog poop I couldn’t stand I would be sick pick it you for you not her so you can keep the peace hope :pray: you can find you a place be thankful you have someone taking you in it’s hard

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It sounds like she might have a mental issue like bi polar. They can go through manic phases where they will spend every dime shopping our buying unnecessary items. If she is all you can do is save money, ask for prayers, and move out. It will not get better until she gets help if she does have a mental issue. I will keep you in my prayers and take up exercising it’s a great way to relieve stress.

I feel you…37 1/2 weeks pregnant living with my boyfriend and his mom and my 13 yr old son. Nothing we do it right. Sometimes I just want o give up…but then she wins. Just ride it out and do what you can to save and eventually you will be out of the mess.

She sounds like a narcissist. Save up and move out as quickly as you can.

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This MIL sounds overwhelmed and shes probably not telling the landlord to fix things becuz she housing u guys there which will have them kicked out if she has more tenants without running background checks.

She is cranky becuz shes doesnt have her home to herself
And she doesnt get help with bills either
I bet she would be more nice if $ was provided. Pay some Bill’s

She vents by going on shopping sprees.
Arent we all behind on Bill’s every once in a while.

It takes bout $700 a month to feed 6 people

Help out more
Put puppy pads
Take the dog out

Try and get the cat to be quiet

It could be worse
I know it sucks as is
But at least ur man and FIL are nice

Try and stay out of her way
Dont disrespect her
It will only show poor character on u and not even help the situation

The stove works
Do u guys use space heaters…they work great to heat up home although it does raise electricity bill quicker

Find a place where its $99 on approved credit…to move out quickly

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You guys have been living there for 3 yrs. And you still haven’t saved money to move out? You have known how she is and she’s not gonna get better anytime soon! If you haven’t saved for a place in 3 yrs what makes you think you’ll move out after the holidays? I could never live in a situation like that, either put your foot down and demand that your bf rent you a decent house or leave him, go live in a shelter which seems like Paradise compared to the living situation in that house! Remember this isn’t your house and what she does or doesn’t do is none of your business! You’ll always be just your boyfriend’s girlfriend and nothing else,?! You have to put your foot down and make your demand known and stick to your demands because if you don’t get out of there soon you’ll be just as crazy as the rest of the people who seem to enjoy living like that! If your BF hasn’t gotten you a decent place in 3 years time, you’ll still be there next year in the same situation. Remember you’ve been there now for 3 holidays. it’s not gonna get better! Get out while your still young and can work because once you’re older it will be hard for you.

Decide which is most important . it sounds like you and your little family need outta there asap . give yourselves. The best christmas ever and take a small apartment . forgo shopping for everyone else christmas isnt all about gifts anyways . get avplace to gether. The mother in law and her husband can then live in animal feces and sqaulor by themseves . but you will have peace of mind . good luck

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LISTEN CLEARLY…save EVERY DIME AND MOVE ASAP!! eat less, stay in your room, go for lots of walks, attend faith based meeting, meditate, pray…THEN MOVE…she is NOT going to change.


Im praying for your sanity! I’d probably get a cheap apartment or hotel at this point though; this kind of mess can put a strain on your relationship or mothering of your child


Your father in law ought to call the landlord! Those things don’t cost the tenants $ but an easy fix could turn into alot. He needs to step up& I would move asap!! Good luck!


She sounds like she is just a miserable person who is not happy with life and wants everyone to be miserable too. Don’t let her win. Handing in there, it’s only temporary. :v::two_hearts::pray:

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I feel this on a spiritual level with you! It sounds like we pretty much have the same existence right now! Prayers to you hun!

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Get out as soon as possible however you do have to respect her as you are living in her home. I’m sorry it sucks!!!

So it sounds like the husband isn’t the man of the house, this is not a good example for your son. He needs to learn to be the man of the house and he won’t living there. I would get out as quick as possible.


That sounds like a nightmare! I’m sorry. Praying you save enough and get out soon!!


Vent all you want. And then let your children learn from your mistakes that you really do marry the family, not just the girl/guy.


Unfortunately it’s her house and there is nothing you can do. When you live with someone else your choices are either find your own place or suck it up and deal with it.


The father needs to take over the bill paying if she cant handle it and give her cash to spend for shopping on her own. Probably wouldnt hurt to try to get everyone into family thearpy (some insurance companies cover it)

Look for a place that is rent to own. Then move out. It is her house & runs it as she pleases.

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Get out! Problem solved.!!!

Praying for you to save enough money to get out quick


We live with my ex’s parents for about 4 months. It was the worst time of my life. We did it to “save money” to move to a different city, but ended up spending way more and I lived in our bedroom when my ex wasnt home. I did my best to ignore her. When we moved 4 hours away, she was there every weekend judging me and telling me how much of a low life I was. I left him and she put a giant nasty message about me on facebook. She claims I cheated on him when he was the one cheating.

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Really it all comes down to that it’s her house and she can do as she pleases and spend her money on whatever she wants. She’s helping you so be thankful you are not out on the streets sleeping under a lot Bridge. I understand it can be frustrating but really you are the one living in her house just like my sister told me if you don’t like what I do get out of my house and I did just that so if you don’t like what she is doing move get out of her house. I’m not being mean I’m being honest.


Apply for income based housing at this point. Screw your pride and save your sanity. Have your husband/bf stand up and get you out of there


I suggest leaving the situation ASAP even if you and your child just go maybe stay with a friend or family until you get on your feet but this is ridiculous how she treats everyone I can’t understand how her husband deals with her my ex was the same way and I’m glad we’re over I feel for all of you ugh


Run!! Nothing works with that personally, nothing. You can try to confront her every chance you get in the Hope’s that her heart will give out in shock, but chances are she wants that interaction because that’s all she knows.

Good luck, pretty sure I know her, have one just like her. If it makes you feel better mental [email protected]#$$ does work temporarily

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Yes! Save that money and get out of there! Mil like that will never change! Im so sorry you have to go through that hell. I have a horrible mother in law too but she lives 40 mins away thank god. Lol


Omg this sounds exactly like my MIL!! I feel for you!


I will pray for your strength

If there’s a specific place she sits, put some dried basil leaves under it, and get out of there as soon as you can. Everything will be your fault even after you’ve left. The men are used to it. For you and your child move out asap. Hopefully the boyfriend is working also so you can save quicker


Keep saving and get your own place and remember never move in with family especially ones that worse off than u

Sounds like a severe case of narcissism. Husband should put her in her place!


Google Narcissist
Then get the hell outta there
Ya cant change her. No one can
I just discovered i have one in my family

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And pray for her she will see what she is doing to destroy her family

Fling dog shit inna har face . Just kidding am praying for you