Lonely mommy needs advice

Hi all

Mama’s I’m needing some help. Lately I’ve found I’m lost…other than being a wife and mom I don’t know who I am. I honestly have no friends and hate that. I’d love even just 1 girlfriend to chat, hang with have a glass of wine with. I work from home so don’t get out much. Hubby works a lot so he’s gone alot and when home moody and tired. My baby girl isn’t a baby anymore, she’s 15 and growing up and mommy can’t always tag along. I find myself crying often, especially when hubby starts a little fight. I’ve been with him over 20 years so I shouldn’t be so sensitive but I am.

I plan on talking to my Dr next month but any mommy advice. How does a woman in her forties make a friend?

Thanks for listening (reading this)