Lonely mommy what to do?


I’m an avid follower on Facebook and was hoping to post anonymously and get some advice.

Mama’s I’m needing some help. Lately I’ve found I’m lost…other than being a wife and mom I don’t know who I am. I honestly have no friends and hate that. I’d love even just 1 girlfriend to chat, hang with have a glass of wine with. I work from home so don’t get out much. Hubby works a lot so he’s gone alot and when home moody and tired. My baby girl isn’t a baby anymore, she’s 15 and growing up and mommy can’t always tag along. I find myself crying often, especially when hubby starts a little fight. I’ve been with him over 20 years so I shouldn’t be so sensitive but I am.

I plan on talking to my Dr next month but any mommy advice. How does a woman in her forties make a friend?

Thanks for listening (reading this)

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Look for Mom groups on Facebook. You can check the community for Mom Groups or maybe story time’s at your local library. Of course right now you can’t do much but maybe these Facebook groups.