Looking for a girl name that starts with G

What is a unique girl name that starts with G?


I went to school with a girl named Gena pronounced like Jenna I thought it was cute…

Gertrude , deffo unique !


My great grandmother had the most beautiful name…Gwendolyn :sparkling_heart:


Gianna… cute nickname GiGi

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Genesis Ginise Gillian

Gianna, Ginger, Geri. I know ladies with these G names…

Gloria and Gwendolyn (Gwen)

I named my daughter Gloria, not many kids have that name anymore!

Gina, Grace, or Gretchen…Gretel

Gabrielle, Gaira, Galiana, Gardinia, Gazella, Gavina, Gaspara, Geneva,

Gayatri meaning knowledge

Gracyon ( southern )

Grace, Gloria, Gina, Gigi, Giselle

Genevieve, Giselle, Genesis, Gigi

Giselle, Gail, Greta, Gloria,

Gemma i love :heart_eyes:. (Pronounced like a J)

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Gracie Georgia gypsie

I work with an awesome girl named Georgette. Love her name!

Gracie, Gabriella (Gabby)

Gloria, Genevieve, Gweneth.

Gianna, Georgina, graciela

The best name I’ve ever come across and I’m in love with is G… See More

Gianna is my daughter

Gracie, Gabriella, Gabby, Gypsy, Gail, Gwen, Gal, Gigi, Genevieve

Gigi, Georgie, Ginger, Grace, Gabrielle, Gladria, Gisela, :heart_eyes:

Geneva, Gwendolyn, Grace

Gabrielle :heart_eyes: a beautiful name and also a great song by Brett Eldridge lol

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My daughters name is Gracelyn & she’s the only girl I know with that name.

Gracyn, Greer, Gionna, Graciela, Gaelen, Graelyn

Genesis Gabriella gracelynn

Gabrielle, Giselle, Giana, Gina, Georgina, Georgette, Genevieve, Giovanna, Gwenyth, Gwendolyn, Gracelyn, Graciella

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Gianna, Genora, Giselle

Gina…Georgia Gracie…GeGe…

Gabrielle/Gabriella, Georgina, Grace

Gillian, Georgina, grace

Georgia Gracie gaby Gabrielle georgie

Gloria Sparling Craig

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Gianna, Geralynn, Goldie

I’m due a little girl in april and planning on calling her gracie x

Gloria,geneva,grace ann,Gwen

Graceyn, Giavanah, Graely

Genevieve, Gabrielle/Gabriella

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Gwendolyn. She can go by Gwen or Lyn. And I’ve never met a stripper names Gwendolyn either…that’s what I base my baby names on :rofl::joy:

Greer. I thought about using that one for my daughter. It’s from the show Reign. Lol



Gayle,Gemma, gene,grace

Giulia, Greta, Ginevra

My mom and grandma and sister have the name gyneth

Gema. Gemma. I have rarely heard my name. I love it.

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Gulain gullie quilly babette klinnie watsen jelli marsen rebotte loisen gailene

I love Gracelyn or Gracie for short.

Grace, Georgia, Gale,

Grace Gabrielle Georgia

Gianna ,Genevieve ,Genesis

Gwendolyn or Gwenyth ( Gwen for short for both names )

Gabrielle, Gabriela, Genaveve,

Genevieve genna for short

Gia,gGenevieve, grace,

Griselda, genesis, gracie

my sisters name…may she rest in peace

I have picked my girl if she is a girl gypsy rose

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Can you not google names begin with G


My daughter is Gabriana


My daughter is Galilah meaning God shall redeem :blush:


There’s a character in a show I like whose name is Gaia. It’s pronounced like Guy-uh. I LOVE the name Guenevere. I was going to use it and spell it Gwynevere

My granddaughter is Graceland

Gráinne Irish means Grace


Top 100 Baby Girl Names That Start With G

Grace Genesis
Gabriella Gianna
Genevieve Gracie
Georgia Gemma
Gabrielle Giselle
Gabriela Gracelyn
Gracelynn Gwendolyn
Gia Gloria
Giuliana Galilea
Greta Guadalupe
Giovanna Gwen
Giana Giavanna
Guinevere Gisselle
Gwyneth Geneva
Gracyn Georgina
Giada Gitty
Giulia Grecia
Geraldine Goldie
Grayson Gina
Gretchen Gianni
Gentry Gisele
Glory Graciela
Gwenyth Gaia
Greer Grettel
Gema Gillian
Georgiana Giulietta
Gizelle Gracen
Gladys Grey
Gracey Giulianna
Ginger Gabby
Gigi Goldy
Gittel Gwenevere
Gala Goddess
Gretta Georgie
Graceyn Graciella
Griselda Gianella
Gracee Graycen
Gretel Gisela
Golda Greyson
Gwendolynn Giavonna
Grayce Genessis
Gisella Gray
Greenlee Genevie
Golden Georgianna
Gloriana Germany
Gissel Graysen
Gwenivere Gracy
Gabriel Galileah
Giavana Ginny
Gionna Gurnor

I went to school with a girl named Gillian.

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I have a little girl neighbour named Gwendolyn (Gwen) and she is the cutest.

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Gracie, Gayla, Gaylynn

My niece is named Geneva. I just love that name.

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Georgia, Gina, Geneve

Giada pronounced Jeeodda😁

Grace, Gabby, Gabrielle, Gillian, Gina, Gocie, Gene

Gusta Giselle Gloria

Grace Gloria Glennis

Gloria, we miss you!!

Greta one of my favorite grands

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Gracelynn, Gemma, Gilly, Grace


Georgette…my mom’s name…:heart_eyes:

Gwendolyn, Genevieve, Gia

Grainne (Gron-ya) Irish name. She was a goddess

Gypsy , Giselle , Gracelyn

Glorianna! Glory for short.


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Glenda. Gwen. Gladys Grace Gloria

Gert. Gertie. Gertrude

Ginger, Gina, Ginny

Gianinna Gia for short

Giada Gloriana Gianna Gwen

Gwen, Gilda, Gloria,Grace, Gweneth , Gabriella, Galit, Gita, Gabby, Gillian, Georgia


Greet Gretel Gwenovere

My name-Geri pronounced Jerry

Giavonni,Genevieve: Gabriella and Gabrielle.