Looking for baby girl name ideas, suggestions?

Due in 3 weeks & we still haven’t decided on a name :grimacing: I’ve managed to get down to 3…
Tahlia May
Laycee May
Eliah May (pronounced E-lie-ah)
What do you like better or any suggestions?


If you name her the last one everyone is going to call her uh-lee-uh. All the time.

Love laycee may. But try the wsy we spell may. Mae

Laycee Mae

Eliah :slight_smile: love unique names

My daughter’s name is layla-may just a thought

How about May for a first name? That seems to be a sure bet for middle name so maybe change to a first name :smiley:

Tahleigha May pronounced tah-leigha

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I waited to meet my daughter. I had 2 names. Deciding factor was if she had hair or not :joy::joy::joy:

Laycee-mae. My little girl is lacey-mae x

My daughter is due in two weeks and I’m naming her Layla mae :heart:

Maddie Mae
Maggie Mae
We have a Bella Mae

Laycee May is my choice

Lacy Mae Keep it simple

Mary may if born in may

Laycee May… It reminds me of my Lynlee Mae

Laycee Mae. I’m Katie Mae :slightly_smiling_face:

Love tahlia or laycee

Laycee is the only one I could pronounce and read, so I’d say that one

I like to first two. I have an Ellie and in her PreK class there is an Ellie, Lilian and Lily-Ray and her teacher gets tongue tied trying to call them.

Tahlia may is beautiful!!!

Tahlia Laycee that way you don’t have to choose.

Laycee May, beautiful name… Let us know which one you picked. Congratulations

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Tahlia May is super pretty:)

Tahlia or Laycee. The last one will be constantly mispronounced. I made that mistake with my daughter’s name, Genna but pronounced Jenna

Eliah or laycee but you could wait til she is here and you see her to see which fits her better

Eliah May is pretty!!!

Tahlia May is such a pretty name!!! :heart_eyes:

The 3rd seems very different and unique i like that best

My nieces are Dixie Mae and Gracelynn Mae. My daughter is Kambree Aurora Mae My sister is Kalli Mae and My best friend was Amanda Mae

I love Eliah but I would probably spell it Elyah. Very pretty name :heart:

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Tahlia! It’s a name you don’t hear often at all :heart:

Get frustrated and yell out each name and say stop doing that right behind each name… the one that comes out more fluid and feels right is her name

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Olive! You could always do Olive May or tinsdley or anisley

Lovely names, but you spend most of your time telling folk how to spell or pronounce unusual names!!!

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I wanted Laycee soooo bad! Even spelt that way! But hubby was sooo against it!