Looking for baby girl names, any suggestions?

Baby girl names?? :heart::baby:


i don’t have a girl but i like Alana :sob:

My duaghters name is Ava Rose

My daughter is Gwendolyn I also really like Genevieve, Josephine and Charlotte

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Avery, Skylar, Jasmine, Lexi

Ava is my daughter’s name and when I was pregnant with my son (before I knew he was a boy) we had the name Nora picked out.

Nevaeh, mahaleah, makayla :heart:

My baby girl’s name is Skyla Marie :two_hearts: I think Calista is really cute too & Ariana

Callie is my daughter’s name

Elizabeth,Rachael, Allison,Ava

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Bobby Randi Darla kyla lyla

Clara. River. Rose. Piper.

Kennedy, Regan, Blakely

Aryanna Destiny
SummerLee Fate
Samantha Harmony-Belle
Alexya Jaymee Charmed

Madilynn Mariah Morgan Lyra Ella Hanna makenzie

I love Makayle, Elizabeth, Olivia and Jordan

Kendall, carter, addison, Peyton, Blair, Sophia

My daughters name is Parker!

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My daughters name is Lily-May

Dylan is my fav if I was ever to have another girl.

Always loved the names Laura, Hannah, Olivia, Aurora

My daughters name is Rylan-Leigh


Morgan, kyndal, kyreana, kaymond, abbigale, elizabeth, emersyn, keyahna, zynn, halli, kayte, dalli, jade, maycee, kynleigh, kynsleigh, lakyn, rhegan, reise

Heaven’Lee… treasure… maddison…

Cazlyn, Neveah, Cambrie, Staylee, Jovi, Journie, Zeyda, and Demille

:hugs: Not many of us left!:joy::joy::joy::two_hearts:x

My daughters name is Summer Mae

Stella, McKenzie, Emma, Willow, Harper, Landry, Paisley, Madison, Abigail, Nova, Alexa, Alexander,


My girls names are Teyla and Talia and my angel baby is Serena but ive always loved Ocean sea for a girls name too. but hubby talked me out of it lol oh and Valandra

I’m having a baby girl in April her name is emilee Elizabeth

My girls are Ayrianna Louella Michelle and Alice Jane . I just had a baby last month I ended up having boy but the girls names I had picked out were

My daughters names are Ava Rose & Kaylee Alexis

Aiyanna and Makinley are my daughters names