Looking for baby girl names, any suggestions?

I’m pregnant with my second baby, a little girl due at the end of June. I have a little boy who will be 16 months when she’s is born. Any suggestions for any baby must haves with 2 under 2 (we went very bare bones with my baby boy) and how to prepare my son who is very attached to mama. He is 13 months now! Thankyou :blush:


I have two under two and I have found the hardest part is making equal time for both


I got 3. Oldest is 3. Relax when u can. Take time for yourself


If you don’t already have one I’d get a backpack style diaper bag. Nothing else comes to mind.

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Mine are 16 months apart as well. I would highly recommend a rocker/glider thing for the baby. Its pretty easy at first until new baby get to be about 4/6 months old… then he crys, she wakes up… then they are both up crying lol. Just remeber to take some time out each day for yourself…and it will eventually get easier.

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Playpen helps when you need the smaller one contained.( couldn’t think of a better word ) like when cooking or taking the other one to the potty or you need to take your liberty in the restroom. Highchair helps also.

I had 3 under 3 :joy::joy::joy: it was challenging for us cause my daughter 18 mo at the time of our sons birth had hand foot and mouth so she couldnt be around him for a week and when she met him he screamed bloody murder for weeks not wanting another sibling. Eventually she stopped cause i let her help me take care of him (throw away dirty diapers for me and helped me hold the bottle to feed him) and thry both absolutely adored our 3 baby a year later lol

I have 2 that are 13 months apart. Have two of everything in your car, nappy bag, and house. Always include both in everything and never treat them as they are the same age. Hope this helps.

Get a baby for your boy and teach him how to be soft to that baby doll. My daughters are 11 months apart and my oldest daughter was so gentle and so caring for her baby sister when she was born. You could always act as if you are taking care of the baby doll to get him used to the idea

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I had 4 kids 4 and under and the transition with a toddler and newborn can be hard at first but eases up in time :slightly_smiling_face: must haves for me were definitely a double stroller, and for sure a rock and play so the new baby can sleep anywhere you need her to be in the house. When your chasing around your toddler! Nothing else comes to mind. Your toddler will be a bit jealous at first but that changes rather quickly. :slightly_smiling_face: Good luck and congrats!

I recommend a soft structure carrier/ring sling or any carrier you are comfortable using to free up your hands when you are busy. You can even Tandem wear both kiddos if need be

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Double stroller or a way to wear the new one. It’s hard to catch a toddler when your carting a baby! I know haha!:joy::joy:

I’ve always been told kids young get jealous so you get the newborn a present there should be something for the other child as well

Baby gates, we bought the ones that bolt into the wall and baby proofed the living room! Good luck